Open Country gameplay trailer out now with June release date confirmed

505 Games has released a brand new trailer for its open world survival title Open Country. The game has been developed by FunLabs who is best known for the Cabela hunting series. In Open Country players are tasked with surviving out in the wilderness across different maps from meadows in the Spring to harsher environments in the Winter. Players will need to hunt for their own food through hunting game and fishing, as well as building up their base.


To aid players in this journey of survival players will have a hunting dog as a companion that can fetch items of interest, and find tracks of animals that can be hunted. In addition, players will have access to an ATV and snowmobile to traverse some of the more difficult terrain that cannot be easily reached on foot. There are additional activities including some quests, time trials on vehicles, and shooting ranges to hone your skills. Open Country will support 2-4 player online co-op play as well. Players will be able to level up their skills to get access to better equipment which will help them survive in the world.

Open Country is set to release on June 3rd for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Source: YouTube

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