Godzilla and Kong join World of Warships

World of Warships has had some very odd DLC in the past which made no sense whatsoever – I’m looking at you, Transformers – but at least this new DLC pack is in keeping with the characters it uses.

In the recent Godzilla vs. Kong movie the two titans meet for their first battle in the middle of the sea and bounce around the decks of warships. Let’s ignore the fact that a hulking great monkey jumping on deck would crack the ship in half because that’s the most believable part in the utterly ridiculous film. Anyway, chonky monkey and big lizzie are now coming to World of Warships so you can recreate the battle yourself. Sort of.


What you get is a bunch of skins for you ships and Godzilla and Kong as ship commanders, standing on decks. Unfortunately you don’t seem to be able to command them and still have to use your ship weapons to destroy your opponent. Check out the trailer.

Here’s more on the packs:

To get their hands on this exclusive content, players will be able to choose among three different themed bundles. Kong: Primordial Rage includes Commander Kong with 10 skill points and a unique voiceover, North Carolina with her Primal permanent camouflage, a commemorative flag and a themed camouflages. While Godzilla: Apex Monster comes equipped with Commander Godzilla, 10 skill points, a unique voiceover and Amagi equipped with her Heat Ray permanent camouflage, a commemorative flag and a themed camouflage., Both Kong and Godzilla Commanders with their respective warships and the rest of the themed content will be available in Titans: Large Pack bundle.

In addition, a special new chain of combat missions will be available to everyone. To unlock it, players will need to pick a side – Team Godzilla or Team Kong. Each completed stage of the mission chain will reward players with two Ultimate Guardian or Ultimate Titan camouflages. Upon final completion, the chain will offer a final Two Titans – One King container as a reward.

Mission chain will be available in Random, Ranked and Co-op Battles as well as in Operations playing Tier V-X ships.

Source: Press release

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