New World’s new trailer lifts the lid on the world of Aeternum

New World Game Delayed

Amazon Games Studio has released a brand new trailer of its upcoming MMO New World, with the trailer called This Is Aeternum. The trailer gives players a look at the supernatural elements of the Aeternum, the land that players will be wandering and questing in when New World launches. It is confirmed that New World will launch through Steam on August 31st, with those pre-ordering getting access to the New World closed beta which starts on July 20th.


New World was originally supposed to be released last year in May 2020, but it was then delayed to Spring 2021. However, in February Amazon confirmed that New World would be pushed back to August 31st. The reason for the last delay was down to the development team needing more time to refine, tune up, and polish the MMO.

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We’ve dipped  in and out of New World during its time in testing. We were invited to a preview session detailing the castle sieges PvP component of the game. Here are some of our thoughts on the MMO:

Amazon have a lot riding on New World and it’s clear they aren’t keen to rush this game out of the door any time soon. Originally planned for May 2020, then pushed back to August, it will now be launching early next year. From what we’ve played, there’s a mix of experimental design choices at play here backed by the kind of polish you’d expect from a AAA game. The persistent game world and player-run settlements are what fascinate us most though we’ve yet to really gel with how New World plays. It’s perhaps too limited in the combat options it gives you for individual weapons, relying on players to juggle every tool in their arsenal in order to keep battles (both PvP and PvE) feeling fresh and dynamic.

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