Ghostrunner 2 confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

It has been confirmed that Ghostrunner 2 is happening, and that it will be developed for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The news comes from Digital Bros Group, parent company of 505 Games, and developer One More Level. So far Ghostrunner has sold over 600,000 copies since its launch in October 2020. On the back of these sales Digital Bros has doubled its investment for Ghostrunner 2, investing €5 million.


Raffaele Galante, co-CEO of Digital Bros with his brother Rami, said:

“We are particularly excited about the future release of Ghostrunner 2. Together with One More Level, we have created a thrilling and engaging video game.” comments Raffaele Galante, co-CEO of Digital Bros with his brother Rami. “This new collaboration deepens 505 Games presence within the Polish videogame market, a reality now among the firsts in Europe for the development of video games, new projects and talents. We will continue to pay close attention to the Polish market to constantly improve and expand our product portfolio with video games capable of satisfying the tastes of the entire gaming community.”

Ghostrunner impressed in our review, with Thomas writing:

“Ghostrunner answers the age old question of “What if the combat was actually good in Mirror’s Edge?” It perfectly pairs parkour style free-running with frantic, but precise combat to create movie-like action sequences. This is all backed up by a fun narrative that drives the gameplay forward at a blistering pace. Ghostrunner is honestly a must-have for PC players and the most fun I’ve had reviewing a game this year.”
You can read the full Ghostrunner review here.
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