The best class to pick in Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Which Hood class should you take on a heist?
Hood: Outlaws & Legends hero classes

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an entirely unique multiplayer experience that pits two teams against one another as they attempt to loot a treasure hoard from under the noses of the tyrannical State.

Combining stealth tactics, ranged combat, and melee mayhem, each heist is teeming with knights and guardsmen, dialling up that sense of danger.

Which class should I choose?

One of the earliest choices you’ll make in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is selecting a good class to start off with. At launch there is a total of four player classes, each based one of the characters from the legends of mythic English hero, Robin Hood.

Alongside Hood himself, there is Marianne, John, and Tooke. Those familiar with online multiplayer games will notice that each one of these characters slips into a familiar archetype. This quick start guide will help you gain an understanding of what each class does and their role within a team.

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Team composition matters

One thing you’ll notice right away is that Hood allows any combination of four characters in a match. While having one of each hero in your squad will allow for a more diverse array of team tactics, you can roll with 4 Johns, or maybe have 2 Tookes and 2 Robins. There’s no wrong team composition in Hood: Outlaws & Legends though each class brings something different in terms of strategy.

Moving around and interacting with objects will feel the same no matter which class you’re rolling as. However, each hero has their own unique weapon, powers, and perks that give them a role within your team.

What does each class do?

Robin excels at long range, pinning opponents from afar with his longbow while also tossing flash bombs. His ultimate power fires an explosive arrow that deals massive damage within a large area. He can also shoot certain ledges darted around each map to create climbing ropes.

Marianne slots into the assassin archetype here, using speed and stealth to backstab opponents and prick them with his crossbow. She can throw smoke bombs to reduce players’ visibility, her ultimate concealing her from sight to better facilitate quiet instakills. She and Robin are the only two classes with ranged weapons though they have fewer hit points.

If melee combat is your thing then John is the strongest choice. With a sledge in hand, he can catapult himself towards opponents, swinging his hammer to damage and disrupt adjacent enemies. He carries a grenade and gains enhanced attack/defence from his ultimate. His strength also allows him to lift gates and portcullises for teammates to pass under.

Finally, we have Tooke whose primary purpose is a little unclear at first. His flail-like censer makes him a solid melee backup (with a good mid-range heavy attack) yet has great support utility, his ultimate healing nearby allies while revealing the locations of lurking enemies. His poison bomb is also brilliant for denying territory, draining the stamina of those who step inside its cloud. However, using one of Tooke’s late game perks, this cloud can be modified to heal teammates.

Match your playstyle

Now we’ve given an overview of each player class in Hood: Outlaws & Legends let’s ask which one is the best. At launch, the meta is balanced in a way that doesn’t make one more overpowered than the rest, though some heroes takes slightly longer to master than others. Throw the four of them in a battle royale and you’ll likely get a different victor every time.

Determining the best Hood class ultimately comes down to your own playstyle. While there is definitely some overlap between them, if you fully embrace the role of your chosen hero then they each become equally as deadly. Make sure you’re combining every element from their individual kits, throwing grenades, exhausting your ammo (if you have a ranged weapon) and opening new navigating pathways using their miscellaneous abilities. As you play Hood: Outlaws & Legends, rank up, and earn more gold, the role of each hero should become more pronounced as you unlock more customisable perks.

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