Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back trailer teases new Soviet Union expansion

During today’s PDXCON reveal stream, Paradox Interactive marked the 5th anniversary of Hearts of Iron IV, before dropping a teaser trailer for the next expansion to the game: No Step Back.


As you can probably guess from the iconography and the trailer itself, the expansion’s focus will shift to the Eastern Front of the WWII grand strategy game, likely building out how the Soviet Union plays in the game to more accurately portray how the country adapted through WWII in order to survive the German invasion.

In particular, the trailer features a tank manufacturing line, with the Soviet military-industrial complex having to rapidly shift from European Russia to make use of the raw resources found in the East. The need to increase defensive production meant that the Soviets went from producing around 3,000 of the iconic T34 tank in 1941, as the axis Operation Barbarossa pushed through Russian territory, to over 12,000 in 1942.

You’re going to be able to design your own tanks, modify your military in different ways, and there will be a brand new supply system using trains and more.

Paradox will be releasing a few more nuggets of information through a panel later in PDXCON.

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