Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is coming to consoles next week

The charming open-world exploration game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles next week on 9th June.


Alba: A Wildlife Adventure takes players to the island of Pinar del Mar, a location inspired by the development team’s childhood memories of the Spanish Coast. You play as Alba, an 11-year-old girl visiting her grandparents, but soon discovers that the island’s nature reserve is under threat from plans to build a great big hotel.

Alba sets off to explore the island, photographing animals, people and places, and working to inspire the locals to take more pride in and protect the local wildlife and nature.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure launched last year for Apple Arcade and PC. Developer ustwo put the themes of conservation first and foremost in the game, and at its release pledged to donate money to Ecologi with each copy sold and each unique user on Apple Arcade, as part of project to plant one million trees. The credits also open with information resources from the United Nations and WWF on what you can do if you want to do more for your local environment.

We thoroughly enjoyed the game at its original release, with Nic giving it a glowing 9/10. For our Alba: A Wildlife Adventure review, he wrote:

Alba is the kind of game that all young people should play. Not only is it a heart-warming romp where you get to look at animals, it’s educational and empowering, inspiring and beautiful. Not only have ustwo created a world that is stunning to look at, but they’ve crafted a narrative that boldly shouts that this girl can. Never underestimate the power of an 11-year-old girl — especially one on a mission to do right by the world around her.

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