Days Gone developer Bend Studio is working on a new IP

The nail has been hammered very firmly in to the coffin containing any hopes of a sequel for Days Gone as Bend Studio have announced they are working on a brand new IP. The studio released the following statement on Twitter.

We are beyond grateful for your support with Days Gone and are truly honoured by the amount of passion our community has shared with us for our world and characters. Your enthusiasm motivates us to continue to improve and create experiences that will last a lifetime.

From the Syphon Filter series to Resistance: Retribution, to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Days Gone, we are very excited to announce today that we are expanding the Bend Studio portfolio with a brand new IP.

We hope you embark on this new journey with us, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on

Following reports that a pitch for a Days Gone sequel was turned down by Sony, former Bend Studio game director Jeff Ross confirmed some of the details of the game’s pitch, including that it would have featured “a shared universe with co-op play”.


In fact, that was the plan from the very beginning of the series. Speaking in a long livestream with God of War creator David Jaffe, ormer Bend Studio game director Jeff Ross explained that “[Bend Studio] wanted co-op from the beginning [in Days Gone], but obviously you have to make concessions for what you’re not going to be able to do.”

Ross stopped short of confirming the reports by Bloomberg  that the sequel was cancelled, saying “I don’t think it’s publicly confirmed what the status of [Days Gone 2] is. I don’t want to be the guy who’s the official source for whatever that is,” but it’s clear now we won’t be seeing Deacon any time soon.

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