The Legend of Tianding will be coming to PC and Switch this October

Neon Doctrine has announced that the side scrolling action title Legend of Tianding will be released in October for PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The game is based on the story of the Taiwanese folk hero Liao Tianding, who was like a Robin Hood figure for the people of Japan Occupied Taiwan during the early 20th Century. He robbed from the well off to help feed the poorer members of his community. Whether the game follows the full story of Liao Tianding remains to be seen, but his story did not have the happiest of endings.


As mentioned, Legend of Tianding is a side scrolling action game with Tianding employing kung-fu as well as weapons to fight against the occupying Japanese forces. Players will explore the Dadaocheng area of Taipei city with the area looking to fit the time period of the years Tianding was active. The artstyle follows that of a Retro Chinese Manga. Players will face off against a number of bosses with situations based on real events that took place during Tianding’s life.

Source: Guerrilla Collective

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