The Maps of Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has now been revealed, and DICE has given us a look at the new maps that will support the huge 128-player battles of Conquest and Breakthrough game modes. Battlefield 2042 will release on 22nd October 2021 with seven maps for the All-Out Warfare game types.

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Battlefield 2042 Maps

There are seven maps that have been revealed. All maps are confirmed for both Conquest and Breakthrough game modes. It’s not currently clear if there are additional maps for the Hazard Zone mode, which has yet to be revealed, nor the DICE LA created game modes that will be revealed at EA Play Live in July.


Kourou, French Guiana


This map is set around a rocket launch site as a space launch counts down and the two sides fight. The rocket launch can take place successfully or unsuccessfully, as an example of ‘Levolution’ to transform the map.


Doha, Qatar

A lost shipping convoy is on a central highway that runs between the neon-lit city of Doha and the nearby abandoned football stadium being reclaimed by the shifting sands of the desert. A huge sandstorm can roll in and transform the map


Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

The biggest map in Battlefield 2042 and in Battlefield series history. Fight over oil and gas supplies with explosive silos and an overlooking ridgeline to fight over.


Eastern Desert, Egypt

Fight for control over an advance agricultural centre and a neighbouring solar farm, divided by a map-wide wall.


Sogdo, South Korea

Clash for control over a quantum powered disinformation hub after an attack threatens its global network.


Brani Island, Singapore

Global trade and American supply lines are threatened as you fight for supremacy through an active automated dockyard.


Alang, India

A shipbreakers yard filled with stranded cargo ships is the centre of a fight over rogue nuclear assets.

Sectors and Control Point

All of the maps are huge compared to those found in previous Battlefield games, to allow for 128 players on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. For Conquest in particular, the map is divided up into Sectors, each with multiple capture points, all of which must be taken to take control of a Sector for your team. In Breakthrough, you still have a pair of capture points to move the front line in this attack/defence game mode, but the play area is much wider than before.

Note: On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, matches are limited to 64 players and map sizes are reduced to match this.

Levolution and Weather Events

Battlefield’s ‘Levolution’ concept returns in Battlefield 2042, with maps that will change in both big and small ways. Levelution events include being able to rip the side off a tanker in Discarded, or the rocket launch in Orbital.

These are then augmented by weather events. Hourglass features a sandstorm that can roll in, while a tornado can whip up in South Korea.

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