Fallout 76 is killing off its Nuclear Winter battle royale mode

Battle royales are all about being the last one standing, the final survivor as the room of pain and death closes in. Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter battle royale mode hasn’t even made it to the final ring, as Bethesda announce that they are shutting down the game’s mode in September.

In fairness, a battle royale was never really part of the game’s original pitch, but it was perhaps a relatively easy bonus mode to implement as Bethesda recovered from the game’s disastrous launch. Announced alongside the sweeping Wastelanders expansion, Nuclear Winter released into beta in mid-2019 while Wastelanders was delayed back to 2020. Since then, the focus has been on further content for the main game experience, with the Steel Dawn update following in late 2020, and the game now building up to the Steel Reign update in July, each adding significant new story content.

Bethesda note that interest waned over time and cite that it’s difficult to come up with new content for the decision

When we first introduced Nuclear Winter, we were thrilled to watch so many players from our community, as well as many newcomers, dive head first into our take on the ruthless last-player-standing Battle Royale genre. Over time, however, we’ve seen the vast majority of players prefer to explore other aspects of the game.”

We know that some of you are incredibly passionate about Nuclear Winter, and that you may find this news disappointing. Ending support for the mode was a difficult decision, and not one that we made lightly. We’re still working to provide methods of PVP combat for those who enjoy squaring off against other former Vault Dwellers, and a little later this year, we will release details on how we plan to offer players even more ways to play Fallout 76. Additionally, we’re going to compensate everyone who participated in Nuclear Winter, from those who only joined a single match to our most battle-hardened Overseers.

Those who play Nuclear Winter, whether it’s one match or hundreds, will be rewarded. When Nuclear Winter goes offline, you will be granted Perk Coins that can be used to upgrade Legendary Perks in Adventure Mode. You will receive 6 Perk Coins per Overseer Rank, up to a maximum of 600, and 1 Perk Coin for each Overseer Ticket earned, up to 200. Everyone will receive a Nuclear Winter pennant for their C.A.M.P.

Additionally, some of the rewards from Nuclear Winter will be repurposed for rewards in the main game, including Power Armor, weapon paints, outfits and CAMP objects. Others, like Vault Boy statues, will remain exclusive to those that have earned them.

We will likely see a little bit of Fallout 76 at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase that will be held on Sunday 13th June.

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