Yes, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is actually coming to Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is actually coming to Nintendo Switch. After a year of rumours and mislabelled store entries and promotional material, Warhorse Studios and newly rebranded publisher Prime Matter have announced that yes, this medieval open world adventure is being ported to the Nintendo Switch.

There’s no details on when this port will be available, but it is actually in the works. To help them pull of this task, Warhorse turned to fellow Embracer Group company Saber Interactive to do the port. They are some of the experts in the fields of Nintendo Switch ports, and previously took on the similarly daunting task of porting The Witcher 3 to Switch.


We called The Witcher 3 for Switch “another handheld gaming marvel”, noting that “While there are certainly a few tradeoffs that have been made in order to make The Witcher 3 run on the Switch, it’s hard not to be impressed.” Hopefully Saber can pull off another miracle on Kingdom Come.

Warhorse relayed the series of misunderstandings that led to this point. Last year, someone in Japan accidentally marked that Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition, which was gearing up for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, when the thought hadn’t crossed anyone’s minds at Warhorse. Then, a few months later, Nintendo Spain inadvertently used Kingdom Come: Deliverance images in some promotional material for open world games on the Switch.

All of this got Warhorse thinking that, actually, maybe there’s some demand for this?

Kingdom Come had a tricky launch back in 2018, and when reviewing the title, we butted into significant bugs and poor issues – you can read about them in our Kingdom Come: Deliverance review. Since then Warhorse has patched and added to the game, in part with support and suggestions from the game’s fanbase.

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