Humankind Closed Beta is coming soon, pre-purchase or watch streams to get access

SEGA and Amplitude have announced that there will be a Humankind Closed Beta will be starting soon, with the full dates stated to be confirmed during the PC Gaming Show on Sunday. The closed beta will give players a lot of access to Humankind. Players will be able to play through the Industrial era which means playing through five of the six available eras in the game, or go through 200 turns. Those are the limits and whichever limit is hit first will bring the game to an end.


The other features of the Humankind Closed Beta will include:

  • 10 new industrial era cultures
  • Exploit coal and oil to push your economy to new heights of productivity
  • Build railways to cheaply and quickly move goods and troops
  • Fight the biggest battles yet, support them with long range artillery bombardment, and take to the skies to keep an eye on your enemies!

To get access to the Humankind Closed Beta players will have to pre-purchase the game on Steam or Epic Games Store. Alternatively, select Twitch streamers will be giving out keys to get access to the game during the beta period. Those streamers are AmplitudeStudios, Burke Black, GamerZakh, Joueur du Grenier, Lewis, Lomadiah, Marbozir, Quill18. ZeratoR, and Shurjoka.

The game was originally revealed in 2019 at Gamescom with an aim to release in 2020. Then a certain pandemic hit humankind (the people) therefore delaying the release of Humankind (the game) in 2021. It was thought that Humankind would release in early 2021 but as we now know that is not the case. Humankind is instead set to be released on August 17th.

Source: Press Release

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