Arkane reveal a vampiric co-op shooter, Redfall, exclusive to Xbox and PC

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase has closed with the reveal of a new game from Dishonored developer Arkane Stduios. The new title is called Redfall and finds a team of plucky heroes stuck in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, which is under siege by a legion of vampires who have blocked out the sun and cut the island off from the outside world.

The game is an open-world co-op FPS and is being created by Arkane Austin, check out the trailer.


You will be able to play alone or in a squad with three other chums playing as the following four characters:

  • Devinder Crousley – Dev is an internet-famous paranormal investigator, amateur cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor. Armed with weapons of his own creation, he’s on a mission to reveal the truth behind what’s happening in Redfall. If he survives, he’ll have one hell of a story to tell and the proof to back it all up.
  • Layla Ellison – Layla studied biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University and interned at the ominous Aevum Therapeutics research facility, where something went very wrong. She says everything is kind of a blur. The last thing she remembers is waking up with a killer headache and wild telekinetic powers.
  • Remi de la Rosa – Remi De La Rosa is a combat engineer, and a brilliant one at that. She’s lived her life on the frontlines of conflict, using her brilliant mind to protect her loved ones and help those in need around the world as part of an elite Navy rescue unit. Now, with the help of her robot cohort, Bribón, she’s determined to help save Redfall’s survivors.
  • Jacob Boyer – Jacob is an ex-military sharpshooter, sent in to Redfall just before the sun went dark as part of an elite private security force. Separated from his platoon, now he stalks the streets of Redfall, neutralizing evil from the shadows with supernatural precision. Strange happenings on Redfall have left Jacob with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral raven that’s never far from his shoulder.

Handy that’s there’s always a couple of ex-miltary types in town when the poo hits the fan isn’t it? Here’s more on the game.

Once the very picture of Smalltown, USA, the island town of Redfall used to be known for its quaint streets, breezy boardwalks and charming neighborhoods. Then the vampires moved in and ruined everything. First, they eclipsed the sun. Then they started turning all the island’s inhabitants into either minions for their army… or food.

Redfall’s vampires aren’t your typical bloodsuckers. They were created after a scientific experiment went horribly wrong and are continuing to evolve. After their transformation, some vampires develop powerful abilities and grow into bigger and badder vampires. But they’re not the only thing standing in your way – players will also face off against the human cultists who worship the island’s hungry new leadership with the hopes of joining their ranks.

“Every game we make is a little different for the last,” says Co-Creative Director Ricardo Bare. “Dishonored featured stealth. Prey leveraged tons of physics-related gameplay. Mooncrash introduced rogue-like elements. Despite those differences, in every case our focus remains on deep world building and inventive game mechanics. The same will be true of Redfall.”

Redfall will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in Summer 2022 and you can play it Day One with Xbox Game Pass.

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