See more of Life is Strange: True Colors’ new Empathy superpower in this trailer

Square Enix has shared more about Life is Strange: True Colors, the next game in the Life is Strange series coming from Deck Nine. Life is Strange: True Colors is coming out on 10th September 2021, and no, it’s not an episodic game.

Protagonist Alex Chen (Erica Mori voice, MXMTOON when singing) is our new protagonist, with a new super power of empathy, letting her feel into other people’s emotions. This can manifest itself in seeing other people’s auras, listening to their inner throughts and potentially opening up new conversation options. This plays into the series’ traditional way of divergent narratives and choices.

When she finds a particularly strong aura, she can trigger a Nova, transforming the world into a recreation of that emotional crisis. Some of these can be so powerful that they can kill. This brings a new decision to make, with Alex able to take away someone’s pain, again, potentially letting Alex uncover something new in the story.

The game is in development at Deck Nine, the studio who created Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel series to the original Life Is Strange by Dontnod. The game is the most advanced in the series so far, with Deck Nine using full performance capture to ensure that the characters’ move and act more realistic that ever before.

Always a big part of the game, Life Is Strange: True Colors will have an exclusive soundtrack. This has been recorded by mxmtoon (who provides the singing voice for Alex) and Novo Amor, and will feature licensed songs including Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, Gabrielle Aplin, and more.

Life is Strange: True Colors will launch alongside a Life is Strange Remastered, updating the original game and its Deck Nine developed prequel Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

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