Chivalry 2 will double in size as devs roll out free DLC

Chivalry 2 free dlc content

Chivalry 2 developer, Torn Banner Studios, have announced that their long-awaited sequel will double in size as they roll out free DLC.


Having launched last week on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, the brutal multiplayer melee game will receive plenty of additional content starting with a new team objective map, Galencourt.

“Chivalry 2 at launch is a foundation,” says the game’s Creative Director and CEO of Torn Banner Studios, Steve Piggott. “It’s intentionally built to be extended. Post-launch content is something we’re going to be working on for a long time. The game is going to at least double in size for free.”

According to the devs, besieging Galencourt will feel as though you’re attacking the Tower of London during the late medieval era. This noble city is where the prosperous families of the Agathian kingdom (aka the blue team) reside, its dock a hub of trade activity. Torn Banner confirms that as The Mason Order (the red team) you’ll get a chance to blow up some fancy warships.

But that’s not all that’s coming. This free new map comes in tow with an expanded arsenal of weapons and customisation options. We also got a very brief glimpse of mounted combat – the screencap below shows a warrior on horseback hoofing an enemy in the face.

We’ve been playing Chivalry 2 and so far we’re thoroughly enjoying our time with the multiplayer sequel:

The novelty of Chivalry 2’s multiplayer carnage has yet to fade even after spending several hours playing both the beta and launch version of the game. Each battle turns into its own saga with fearless ambushes, bold rallies, and climactic, nail-biting conclusions. Torn Banner has also given players plenty to unlock, from new weapons for every class, through to an extensive spread of customisation options. You’ll definitely want to keep coming back.

Check back for our full Chivalry 2 review very soon.

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