Halo Infinite Multiplayer overview reveals the sandbox, Academy, bots, customisation & more

Following on from the Halo Infinite multiplayer reveal trailer at the Xbox & Bethesda E3 2021 showcase, 343 Industries has now released an extensive overview video, breaking down all the the aspects of the game’s multiplayer component.

There’s 12 minutes of new information, from the new Razorback vehicle’s item box, to vehicle drops, battle pass content and customisation, and the training modes in the Academy. Here’s our quick breakdown:

General Goals

  • Halo Infinite aims to modernise classic Halo game combat, both small Arena and Big Team Battles.
  • As expected, the free 2 play multiplayer will have seasonal content that evolves.
  • Halo Infinite will retain the ‘fair and balanced starts’ – you will not have pre-match loadouts and the best weapons will need to be picked up.

Halo infinite Multiplayer Revealed

Sandbox – Gameplay Changes & Additions

  • You can grapple hook a weapon to you.
  • You choose when to use pick ups like active camouflage and overshield. If you die and it hasn’t been used, it is dropped and can be taken by another player.
  • Warthog damage allows for wheels to be blown off and vehicle handling will change depending on damage.
  • ‘Doomsday mechanic’ – when a vehicle catches fire, it indicates a certain amount of health or time before it blows up.
  • The Razorback vehicle – a “cousin” to the Warthog – has a multi-storage compartment where you can store items, like detached turrets, power weapons, fusion cores, objectives.
  • Vehicles can be delivered by Pelican in Big Team Battles, with audio heads up that vehicles are inbound.
  • Halo 2-style weapon pods can fall from the sky and resupply.
Halo Infinite Razorback

The Razorback has some junk in the trunk

Player Customisation

  • The announcer for calling out game moments is now the ‘personal AI’. It has a customisable voice, personality and appearance.
  • There will be millions of customisation combinations at launch.
  • Customisations include armour coatings, armour emblem, armour effects, and the individual armour pieces (shoulders, gloves, kneepads, helmet, visor etc.).
  • Weapons and vehicles also have plenty of customisation options.
  • You can manage customisation in-game, on the Halo Waypoint website, and with the Halo Waypoint app.
  • You can chance your character’s body type and in-game voice.
  • There are prosthetic limbs in the Halo as a customisation option for the first time.
Halo Infinite Prosthetics

Halo infinite has prosthetic limb customisation for the first time

The Halo Battle Pass

  • There is no random loot or loot boxes.
  • You unlock customisation content through the Halo Battle Pass.
  • Premium battle passes can be purchases after a season has been completed and you can choose which battle pass to put your progression toward.
  • You won’t be able to purchase content from the battle pass separately.
  • All customisation is purely cosmetic.
  • Player progression carries over between platforms.
Halo infinite Customisation

Halo Infinite has extensive customisation options at launch.

The Academy training mods

  • The Academy is an on-boarding experience for the multiplayer mode – tutorials, weapon drills, training modes to warm up.
  • Bots are included in the training mode, with multiple difficulty levels.
  • Forge creative mode is in Halo Infinite
  • Player test ‘Flighting’ will continue with Halo Infinite

That’s quite a lot to unpack!

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