Harold Halibut is a stunning stop-motion narrative adventure

Harold Halibut is a frankly incredible looking stop-motion-like narrative adventure coming from Slow Bros. The game will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC sometime “soon”.

See what I mean? Gorgeous. It’s certainly evocative of Wes Anderson at times, but in general captures the feel of stop motion animated films exceptionally well. The effect was achieved by creating every environment and puppet model in the real world, and then using 3D photography in order to scan them into the 3D engine. From there, it’s a case of motion capture to bring the characters to life.

Harold Halibut jumps hundreds of years into the future, where Halibut lives on an ark-like spaceship that was meant to find a habitable planet, but instead ends up sunk in an alien ocean. Where the ship’s denizens are resigned to their life here, Harold and his boss, the ship’s lead scientist Jeanne Mareaux, are working to leave the planet and find a dryer home. Harold finds himself plunged into a whole new world that holds the key to the ship’s future.

You’ll explore this retro-futuristic world, talking to its inhabitants and occasionally having to get stuck in with puzzles to operate machinery and stick screwdrivers into thing.

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