Immortality is the next game from the creator of Her Story and Telling Lies

Immortality is the next game from Sam Barlow, the creator of interactive film games Her Story and Telling Lies. Immortality will be coming out in 2022 for PC.


Similar to his recent titles, it feels like you will be diffing through recordings from an actress named Marissa Marcel, who starred in three films: Ambrosio, Minsky and Two of Everything. However… none of the films were actually released, and now Marissa Marcel has disappeared.

Immortality is directed by Sam Barlow, with writing from Allan Scott (Don’t Look Now, Queen’s gambit), Amelia Gray (Mr. Robot, Maniac) and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart, Lost Highway).

Expect this to be a horror story, with Barlow writing on his Half Mermaid blog:

So in thinking where to go next, it was inevitable that horror was on the menu. Exploring characters’ inner lives, having the player’s imagination become enmeshed with the game’s story? With horror we can crack that skull open and have the inner life leak out onto the screen. The player’s desires and imagination can warp the story and have themselves warped back.

I am particularly interested in a kind of horror that exists on the periphery of your vision, one that once injected into your brain isn’t easily flushed out when you turn the screen off. For this to work the real horror has to take place in those dark places off screen, the places where I’ve been working diligently in Her Story and Telling Lies. This time when we prod your suspension of disbelief, it’s going to hurt.

It’s certainly intriguing, and there’s definitely a creepy and unsettling vibe to the announcement trailer. We look forward to seeing more about this game as it gets closer to its release for PC sometime in 2022.

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