Rune Factory 4 Special coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this year

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Marvelous Europe have announced at E3 2021 that Rune Factory 4 Special will be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

The genre-bending farming action RPG was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013. Rune Factory 4 Special then brought the game to the Nintendo Switch console with remastered visuals and new game features last year. Confirmed for Autumn 2021, this will be the first Rune Factory game to have appeared on a PlayStation system in a decade. Here’s more of what to expected from the game when it releases later this year:

Originally released onto the Nintendo Switch in February 2020, Rune Factory 4 Special saw the fan-favourite Nintendo 3DS title remastered with updated visuals and an enhanced user interface combined with new additions such as a more challenging ‘hell’ difficulty mode, a new newlywed mode, and dual-audio language support with updated text localisation support for French and German languages.

This PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of Rune Factory 4 Special will feature all of the gameplay elements found in the original Nintendo Switch release, including both English and Japanese audio languages, as well as text localisation in English, French and German.

Rune Factory 4 Special will be available digitally as a standard digital edition from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store in Autumn 2021

When Miguel reviewed Rune Factory 4 Special on the Nintendo Switch last year, he scored the enhanced sequel an 8 out of 10. Praising the sharp combat, gameplay variety, and bonus added content, it manages to hold its own against similar games in the genre such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the ever-popular Stardew Valley.

Marvelous haven’t announced a PS5 version version of Rune Factory 4 Special though it will still be playable on Sony’s new console thanks to backwards compatibility. Interestingly, the trailer shows Xbox Series X|S as one of the available platforms though it’s unclear whether newer generation Xbox systems will have any specific enhancements.

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