Starmancer is a space station builder heads into Early Access in August from Chucklefish

Developer Ominux Games and indie publisher Chucklefish have announced that space station builder Starmancer will be heading into Steam Early Access on 5th August 2021. The twist? You’re an AI that can be a paragon of virtue or go rogue.


Set after a catastrophe on Earth, the Starmancer Initiative is launched to try and find a new home – sounds familiar, no? Their fate is put in your hands, an artificial intelligence called a Starmancer that has its memory banks filled with the minds of millions.

You find yourself stuck in an unknown solar system, tasked simply with building and managing a space station that can sustain life for the minds in your corrupted memory banks, and try to return to the main fleet. You’ll have choices to make along the way as you manage the living sandbox, crafting and managing the lives of colonists. You can either seek to create a utopian society, or go rogue and start experimenting on your wards.

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