The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles new trailer explores the Dance of Deduction & Summation Examination gameplay

Capcom has given us a deep dive into the gameplay of the upcoming The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The western localisation and ports of the Phoenix Wright will arrive for PS4, Switch and PC on 27th July.

The gameplay reveal goes into a little bit about how this game differs from the main Phoenix Wright games. As Pheonix Wright ancestor Ryonosuke Naruhodo arrives in England, he and his friend Kazuma Asogi find themselves wrapped up in a series of mysteries with their newfound friend and world-famous detective Herlock Sholmes – a legally distinct Sherlock Holmes.

This leads us to the first twist on the gameplay with the Dance of Deduction. As Herlock investigates a scene or takes in evidence, they often misinterpret what’s going on, such as wrongly concluding that a bearded man holding a pair of shears was intending to cut off their beard to conceal their identity as a Russian dissident photographed in a newspaper. You have to pick this apart as, not only do they not look like the man in the newspaper, they have a different identity that they’re hiding.

The next big shift comes in the courtroom battles in the Summation Examination phase. At this point, the jury has already made up their mind, declaring the defendant guilty and tipping the literal scales of justice toward a Guilty verdict. At this point, you can investigate their reasoning, which they nicely state for you, letting you spot conflicting statements and calling them out on their flaws in logic. Manage to convince them and they will send literal fiery balls up to tip the scales of justice to your side.

Announced back in April, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles combines the two original 3DS games into one, presenting us lucky so-and-so’s with ten cases to sink their deductive teeth into.

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