The Last of Us 2 celebrates first anniversary with new goodies

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Well, that soon flew by. Today, Sony and Naughty Dog are celebrating one year since they launched The Last of Us: Part II exclusively on PS4.

There have been no announcements surrounding the game itself, though its developers have been showing off some new merch die-hard fans will no doubt want to get their hands on.

First up, we have a new premium statue from Dark Horse Comics. Having already released two Ellie statues for The Last of Us 2, they have now turned their attention to Abby who appears with a pistol in one hand and a hammer in the other. Expect to pay $199.99 or, like us, wait for Dark Horse to release another Abby statue – maybe one wielding a golf club. Too soon?

The Last of Us Part 2 Abby Statue

For the best part of £100, this notebook set from Cook and Becker is a bit on the pricey side, though has plenty of cool little extras. It actually includes two notebooks – one themed around Ellie and the other around Abby – with accompanying stationery and some other odd bits of TLOU memorabilia.

A new range of items has also been added to the PlayStation Gear online store including The Last of Us: Part II inspired bags, tees, and other branded merch. Popular gaming clothing shop, Insert Coin, have also introduced new threads, ready for TLOU fans to cop a new look.

The Last of Us Part 2 Merch

Naughty Dog have yet to reveal what their working on next or what’s in the pipeline for The Last of Us: Part II. The game received a stealth PS5 patch last year, followed up recently by a performance update targeting 60 frames per second. There’s still a chance we’ll see a native version of TLOU2 at some point along with other recent PlayStation exclusives such as Ghost of Tsushima.

Many fans are still waiting on news regarding Factions, the promised online multiplayer mode. Hopefully, with the game having been out for a year, an announcement is just around the corner.

We scored The Last of Us: Part II a phenomenal 10/10 in our review:

The Last of Us Part II is a remorseless epic delivering in its masterful storytelling, nail-biting gameplay and unrivalled production values. Naughty Dog have truly surpassed themselves yet again, crafting a heartfelt sequel that will leave you gasping as they continue to raise the bar for the video game industry. It’s yet another must-buy for PlayStation 4 owners, supercharging Sony’s unstoppable stable of exclusives.

Keep your eyes peeled for more anniversary announcements throughout the day.

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