Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle modes will support 24-player battles

Halo Infinite will feature much bigger Big Team Battle modes, now allowing for 24-player 12v12 matches, up from the 8v8 player limit of all previous games in the series.

Big Team Battle is where Halo gets to its most expansive in multiplayer, with the largest maps and the introduction of a wide range of vehicles. Confirmed for Halo Infinite are Big Team Slayer and Big Team CTF game modes, but we could easily see previous BTB game modes return, such as Strongholds, Stockpile, Assault, Territories and more. As a live game, 343 Industries will almost certainly add more game modes over time.


Jumping up to 24 players is significant, given the series’ history. While Halo Infinite’s Arena modes will continue to focus on smaller scale battles for 8 players – whether that’s 8-player free for all fights or 4v4 team modes – increasing BTB to 12v12 from 8v8 in previous games will add a lot of extra chaos to matches.

Halo Infinite’s BTB modes will include new ways to get weapons and vehicles as well. As in most Halo games, all players will start off with the same equipment when spawning in and have to find and control weapon and item pick ups on the map. One new element here is that weapons will be replenished across the map via ordinance pods.

Similarly, vehicles will be introduced into the map via Pelican, their arrival announced over comms. There’s also new vehicles like the Razorback, a chunkier “cousin” to the venerable Warthog that has a storage compartment for pick ups like detached turrets, power weapons, fusion cores and even objectives.

Halo Infinite Razorback

The Razorback has some junk in the trunk

There were a lot of other details revealed last week at E3 2021, as 343 Industries discussed the Halo Infinite multiplayer for the first time. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be going free to play, meaning that anyone can dive in when it launches alongside the Halo Infinite story campaign. It will support 120fps on Xbox Series consoles, as well as high-end PCs.

Halo Infinite will release for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – and day one on Xbox Game Pass – in the still rather vague  “Holiday 2021” window. However, you could put good money on them targeting a release that aligns with the 20th anniversary of the Halo series and the Xbox consoles as a whole.

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