The Abandoned trailer app for PS5 will now launch on the 25th

The mysterious photo realistic game Abandoned was to get a real time trailer app on the PlayStation 5 this week but that has been delayed slightly until June 25th. The news was tweeted by the developers, Blue Box Studios.


The game was revealed in April during one of Sony’s showcases and immediately got people excited as it looked a bit like Silent Hill and many thought it was a secret Hideo Kojima project.

From there the conspiracy theories have spread like wildfire, not helped by the fact that Blue Box Studios have very little web presence at all. The studio’s YouTube page shows a set of hills, if you translate Hideo from Japanese to Turkish on Google translate you get “Kahraman”, Blue Box Game Studios director is named Hasan Kahraman and both share the same initials.

Tweets from the studio seem to posted in the middle of the night, around 3:00 am, or if you have your tin foil hat on, 10am in Japan where Hideo is based. The Blue Box Studios logo is basically an inverted PlayStation Studios logo, and of course PlayStation games come in blue boxes. Profiles of the employees on LinkedIn use stock photos, the trailer covers the letters P and T at the 49 seconds point, and VGC are also reporting that Konami have hired a “prominent Japanese developer” to work on the Silent Hill franchise with a reveal scheduled for sometime this summer.

The list goes on. You can read all the theories on Reddit.

For their part, Blue Box Games have stated they are nothing to do with Konami, Silent Hill, or Hideo Kojima. “We wanted to set things straight,” they posted. “We have no relations with Konami. Silent Hill is owned by Konami. We do not have any relations with Hideo Kojima. It was never our intention to tease the name as Silent Hill. We sincerely apologize for this.”

Of course, the last game to any sort of interactive demo or trailer on the PlayStation store was P.T.

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