Ghost of Ikishima rumoured as Ghost of Tsushima spin off, apparently releasing this year

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There is a rumour currently floating about that there is a Ghost of Tsushima spin off in the works, and that spin off is called Ghost of Ikishima. The rumour comes from XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, and in the claim he states that Ghost of Ikishima will be released later this year, and will likely target both PS5 and PS4. Allegedly, Ghost of Ikishima will be a similar in scope to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, giving players a potentially more linear experience.

Ikishima is a real place and is also known as Iki Island. The island lies in the Tsushima Strait so it would be very feasible for Jin to travel there if required of him. In terms of size Ikishima is approximately a fifth of the size of Tsushima, with Ikishima being 53.46 square miles, and Tsushima is 273.6 square miles. However, with all rumours take this with a pinch of salt until Sony or Sucker Punch actually officially confirm if Ghost of Ikishima is real.

In March, a Ghost of Tsushima movie was confirmed with John Wick director Chad Stahelski taking the helm. By November last the year the game had sold over five million copies and hold the record for Sony’s fastest selling debut IP. In January Dave Molloy, Cinematic Creative Director at Sucker Punch, stated on his LinkedIn page that he was “presently working on the Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PS5”.That wording has now been removed in the last ten hours and the post now has rather more generic “Presently working on the Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PlayStation”. Could that have been a hint towards Ghost of Ikishima.

Although a work of fiction, Ghost of Tsushima is based on real-world history with the Mongol invasion of Japan around 1268AD. If you want to learn more, we did a deep dive last year as part of our “Playing With History” series.

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