The Witcher 4 won’t be announced at WitcherCon, CDPR confirms

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CD Projekt Red have confirmed that The Witcher 4 won’t be announced at the company’s upcoming WitcherCon event.

Announced earlier this year, WitcherCon is a celebration of the popular fantasy universe. An event will be held by CDPR on July 9th at 6PM BST, giving fans a look behind the scenes of how the Witcher video games were made with updates on the second season of the live action series as well as the Netflix anime special.

However, if you’re planning on tuning in, don’t expect any updates on The Witcher 4, or whatever CDPR decide to title their next game in the series:

In case you’re wondering, no new Witcher game will be announced at WitcherCon, but there are still lots of reasons to tune in!

What time is WitcherCon and where can I watch it?

WitcherCon will be available to watch via YouTube and Twitch on July 9th, 2021 at 6PM BST. A second stream will follow later on July 10th at 2AM BST.

Here’s what you can expect from the showcase:

  • Deep dives into the making of The Witcher games, live action series, anime film, and merchandise, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Interactive panels spotlights the people who brought The Witcher to life in-game and on-screen, featuring breaking news for the Netflix series and never-before-seen reveals from across The Witcher franchise.
  • Expert explorations into the lore, legends, monsters, and origins of the Continent.

Created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher boasts a mature fantasy world chronicles in a wide spread of novels and short stories. While celebrated in its home country, The Witcher made its way into the mainstream consciousness thanks to CD Projekt Red’s RPG trilogy.

In our review, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt scored an epic 9/10. The sequel went on to bag numerous game of the year awards, including our own, and was followed up by two premium DLC expansions: Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine.

With CD Projekt Red having finally launched Cyberpunk 2077 last year, RPG fans were likely hoping for some Witcher 4 news in 2021. However, with 2077 still undergoing extensive work (especially on consoles) this has no doubt created a delay in whatever plans the studio have to reveal their next game in the Witcher series.

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  1. Not a big surprise really, seeing as they’re still dealing with the fallout from Cyberpunk. I imagine they’ll keep things close to their chest for a good while before showing anything off this time. Can’t imagine any official announcement before next year at least.

    With a little luck they’ll give at date for and preview of the next-gen upgrade for Witcher 3. I also hope they give Gwent a little time to shine as it’s a great game.

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