Metroid Dread E.M.M.I enemies detailed by Nintendo

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Nintendo has released more details about the main enemies that Samus Aran will be facing off against in Metroid Dread. The enemy were previously confirmed to be the E.M.M.I robots. These robots do belong to the Galactic Federation but something has turned them against Samus. You can see them in the Metroid Dread’s announcement trailer, and you will see that there are number of different types to deal with during the mission.

The E.M.M.I operate in zones where they patrol looking out for threats. If they get suspicious they will begin searching for Samus, and if they find Samus then they will pursue her. If Samus is detected in the zone by an E.M.M.I that zone becomes locked down, and the only way for it to open is to either avoid getting caught or destroying the robot. Destroying the E.M.M.I is no easy feat. Players will need to find the Central Unit in each zone, and use the energy to charge up the arm cannon so it becomes the Omega Cannon. A blast from that can destroy the E.M.M.I, but Samus cannot move while it is charging up. Nintendo’s explanations are below.


“The E.M.M.I. are robots that belong to the Galactic Federation, so they are not ordinarily an enemy of Samus. However, the E.M.M.I. that appear before Samus identify her as a target and relentlessly chase after her. Our belief is that the E.M.M.I.’s lack of emotion and overwhelming power will combine to create a threat so great that they strike terror in the hearts of players.

If caught by the E.M.M.I., you may still have a chance to escape – however slim it may be! Strike with a well-timed Melee Counter the instant the E.M.M.I. opens itself up to attack. However, this timed window of opportunity is so narrow you may consider it nearly impossible to successfully land a counter – so much so that you might want to avoid being put in this situation at all costs.

A checkpoint where you can restart from is always nearby, though, which should be helpful in case something goes sideways and Samus is captured.

The areas where you must contend with the E.M.M.I. threat are limited. It’s otherwise too stressful to have this kind of sustained tension!

When you enter an E.M.M.I. Zone, your map registers the layout of the zone and the locations of the Zone Doors, which is helpful for making important decisions about where to go. Just remember: stay calm and check the map when you enter.”

One of the new Aeion Abilities that Samus has is the Phantom Cloak. This Phantom Cloak turns Samus invisible as well as soundless meaning she can avoid detection by E.M.M.I units while the ability is active. The cloak uses both Aeion and Energy to remain powered up. The more Samus moves or interacts with the world the faster the energy depletes, so the energy resources will need to be monitored.

Metroid Dread will release on 8th October for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

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