Giveaway – Win a copy of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood for PC

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There’s few things we like more here than the Elder Scrolls, and while Skyrim keeps on coming around for another go every couple of years, if you want to enjoy a constantly growing and evolving Elder Scrolls story the best game for that right now is Elder Scrolls Online. We’ve just seen the arrival of Blackwood, the latest instalment bringing a host of new quests and areas for adventurers to run hither and thither through.

If you’re yet to check it out, Bethesda has been kind enough to give us two Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood codes for PC to give away to you lucky people, so you too can quest your way to Oblivion and back.

Reggie recently reviewed Blackwood for us, and he was mightily taken with it, handing out a healthy review score of 7/10 and saying, “Blackwood is a brilliant throwback to Oblivion”. Blackwood adds rich lore to the series in its nod to 2006’s Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion.

As part of the ‘Gates of Oblivion’ year-long event, Blackwood sets up the Dremora invasion and multi-level public events dubbed Oblivion Portals. Uncover the schemes of Mehrunes Dagon, complete dungeon raids across nine islands, and enter Havocrel’s Tower to fight the Dungeon Boss as you battle across the deadlands.

Want to experience this grand new expansion? Well, enter the below giveaway! Entries will be open until at 12PM midday UK time on Monday 5th July 2021. Winners must respond within three working days of being contacted, and if they do not another winner will be drawn. Our usual terms and conditions apply, and decisions are final.

Win a copy of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood for PC

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