Marvel’s Avengers update teased, Black Widow event will return

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Developer Crystal Dynamics have teased a new update Marvel’s Avengers. The Tomb Raider studio also confirmed that their Black Widow Red Room Takeover event will return.


The new Marvel’s Avengers update is due to arrive on Tuesday, July 6th. According to a summary of the latest developer stream, this patch won’t add any new game content but will make a series of requested fixes.

Here’s a summary of what they intend to fix (thanks, u/Billyb311):

  • Provide a fix for the Vault onboarding mission
  • Change Captain America’s MCU skin shield to be repositioned on his back so the star is upright
  • Remove the defence buff in between missions
  • Make it so the Scientist Supreme boss can’t be shrunk anymore for the instant kill

The same Reddit user also reports that we’ll be hearing more about the Avengers War for Wakanda free DLC expansion next week. Hopefully we’ll get to see Black Panther in action, exploring the new zones being added to the game. One detail Crystal Dynamics shared is that characters will be able to equip 8 finisher takedowns once War for Wakanda launches in August. Here is a look at the upcoming content roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel's Avenger July Roadmap

Meanwhile, those who missed out on the recent Black Widow event will have another chance to take part and unlock exclusive rewards. The Red Room Takeover will be going live on July 8th through until July 22nd.

It’s had a shaky start, though it looks like Square Enix are committed to the future of Marvel’s Avengers, for the time being at least. We scored Marvel’s Avengers 7/10 in our review at launch.

In March Marvel’s Avengers had its biggest post-launch content drop titled Future Imperfect. Following on from December’s Kate Bishop “Taking AIM” update, the free DLC expansion introduced Avengers mainstay Hawkeye as a playable character along with solo story missions and a new environment.

More recently, the developers announced they are dropping the hero limits this month. You’ll be able to tackle missions with any combination of Avengers, even if every player selects the same one.

Source: Reddit

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