Ad Infinitum re-revealed and now set for 2023 release

Ad infinitum Game Header

Nacon and Hexate have re-revealed their WWI psychological horror game Ad Infinitum. The game is set for release on consoles and PC, but it’s still quite a way away, with a launch window now set for 2023. Here’s a spooky little teaser.


Taking place after WWI, the game follows a German soldier as they head home and then face the nightmarish hallucinations that haunt them.

Here’s Nacon’s blurb for the creepy looking game:

The war may be over, but for you, the nightmare never ended. Can you say the fight is truly over if you’re left fighting for your sanity? Will you even live to see another night?

In Ad Infinitum, you play a conscripted German soldier returning home after the Great War, but the trauma you experienced in the trenches continues to haunt you. Each night hallucinations filled with horrific creatures, death traps, and mysteries mark your path to recovery. Overcome them to free yourself from your trauma and tear the veil of other, perhaps even more terrible mysteries.

Ad Infinitum has been in development for a good long time, having first been announced all the way back in 2015. The game was first in development at Strixlab, the game disappeared from the company’s website in 2018 before a July 2019 Facebook post indicated that its development had been relaunched by Hekate. There was apparently some kind of legal battle involved as well.

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