Battlefield 2042 studio DICE LA rebranded as Ripple Effect Studios

Electronic Arts has decided to rebrand their LA-based studio DICE LA as Ripple Effect Studios, giving the developer a new identity as they seek to branch out to create new projects on their own. Ripple Effect is currently working on Battlefield 2042, creating a yet-to-be-revealed new game experience that will be showcased at EA Play live on 22nd July.

DICE LA was founded back in 2013 as a subsidiary studio to DICE, founded by senior staff from the recently closed Danger Close Games – arguably it was a a rebranding and reorganisation of Danger Close. The studio has yet to develop a game in their own name, always running backup on projects led by other studios, typically with DICE on the Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront franchises.


However, it was announced in January 2020 that Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella would now oversee DICE LA in addition to Respawn, and lead the team as they sought to create a game in their own name, growing the team in order to achieve this. That name has now been changed to Ripple Effect Studios.

Christian Grass, GM of Ripple Effect Studios said, “At Ripple Effect Studios, innovation and quality are at the forefront of every project as even the smallest idea can change the world. This is the defining characteristic behind the studio’s new name. We’re so proud of our work as DICE LA and the DICE team will forever be a part of our DNA, but over the past eight years, we’ve developed our own culture and our own way of doing things. We’re excited to look towards the future, expand the team and establish our own identity.”

“The studio has a great track record and is set to grow into another stronghold of high quality games,” said Vince Zampella, Founder of Respawn Entertainment. “With an amazing new campus coming to Los Angeles and remote positions available, now is a great time to consider joining us.”

Ripple Effect is currently working on a game ‘experience’ for Battlefield 2042, due to be revealed at EA Play Live.

Before they knuckle down to create their own original title, Ripple Effect will be finishing their work on the unnamed Battlefield 2042 game experience. So far EA and DICE have revealed their 128-player All-Out Warfare experience, while also teasing the definitely-not-a-battle-royale Hazard Zone. Ripple Effect’s mode is set to be another twist on Battlefield’s action-packed multiplayer gameplay, due to be revealed at EA Play live on 22nd July. Precious little is known about it at this time, but rumours suggest it could be a big mash-up of previous games in the series.

Source: EA

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