Rainbow Six Extraction shows off Vigil in new Operator trailer

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Ubisoft have dropped their latest trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, this time focusing on Vigil. The enigmatic Rainbow Six Operator will be playable in the upcoming co-op game with a new and enhanced version of his trademark gadget.

Siege players will know Vigil’s ERC-7 Video Disruptor well. The elite Korean Operator uses this tool in competitive multiplayer to obscure himself from cameras and other surveillance devices.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, it’s received a bit of an upgrade. The new ERC-8 will allow Vigil to sneak past the game’s Archæan aliens without being detected.

Extraction is a 1-3 player co-op experience that is “completely different” to previous games in the series. Long-time Siege fans will recognise is an evolution of the “Mission Outbreak” mode briefly added to Ubisoft’s flagship shooter a few years back.

You and up to two other players can form a squad composed of Rainbow Six Operators who have joined Ash, Mira, and Thermite to form the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT). Any operators who are M.I.A. will only be playable after you rescue them and if you fail your mission you will lose progress and upgrades, so you will have to balance the risk versus the reward. The alien parasite will always be spreading and has taken the territories in New York, San Francisco, and Alaska. Those locations will be the the settings of the first twelve maps that ship with the game.

There seems be many different alien types including Spikers, Breachers,  Grunters, Rooters, Tormentors, Smashers and Apex, as well as nasty black goo called Sprawl. Collectively they are known Archæans. Ubisoft revealed the game alongside a seven minute gameplay deep dive for gameplay, seen below.

Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on September 16th 2021 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the Ubisoft Store on Windows PC, and Stadia. It will also be included with Ubisoft+, the Ubisoft subscription service on Stadia and it will support cross-play and cross-save across all platforms.

If you already own Rainbow Six Siege and decide to buy Rainbow Six Extraction then the complete roster of 18 Operators will be unlocked for you in Rainbow Six Siege, along with a United Front cosmetic bundle for both games.

Source: Press release

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