What We Played #507 – NEO: The World Ends With You, Monster Hunter Stories 2 & F1 2021

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It’s my birthday, and while there is always an option on crying should I want to, I decided instead to spend time with my family and play some video games instead. Primary amongst those games has been NEO: The World Ends With You and Monster Hunter Stories 2, both of which are filling my world with cel-shaded anime-style wonder. I’m just waiting out Samurai Warriors 5 and the trio will be complete.

Gareth arrived first to tell us he’s played a bit of FIFA, some Sniper Elite VR, and some Minecraft. He tells us, “Sniper Elite is good though it takes a while to get used to using PS Move to hold a rifle and their tracking means it’s always a bit off.”

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Steve has played some more Monster Hunter Stories 2 and several Game Pass titles for reward challenges, of which Quantum Break is staying installed for a full playthrough. He’s also played Night Book and RagnaRock for review. Aran meanwhile has been playing Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales. He says, “I’m liking the mix of RPG and CCG the game has, and the focus on the wider world of The Witcher. The battles are varied and offer good challenges.”

Nic B has been pogoing hard as part of the impromptu anniversary stuff, and ahead of this weekend’s Go Fest. “I’ve also put a lot of hours into Shadowverse. The preview is up, and can’t say more than that, but the first few hours certainly left me wanting more!”

Ade has been playing Ghosts of Tsushima Legends mode, the online co-op thingy, and says, “it’s excellent! Ghosts of Tsushima really is the gift that keeps on giving. Other than that I played Where the Heart Leads for review and it was ambitious but also kinda boring for too much of its play time. And I’ve just had a go with the new Streets of Rage 4 DLC, the survivor mode is fantastic – an absolute bargain for a fiver!”

Miguel has been my gaming soulmate, playing Monster Hunter Stories 2 and NEO The World Ends With You as well, while he’s snuck in the Cotton Reboot, and a little bit of Apex Legends!

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Finally, we come to Tef, who’s been playing something that he can’t tell you about yet, but will be able to on Monday. Putting that slice of covert gaming to one side, he’s also played just a tiny bit of F1 2021 since publishing our review of Codemasters’ latest racing game on Monday.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Mostly the same things as last week, thanks to sales and the various subscription services.

    Enjoyed A Plague Tale a lot, and now I’m going back through it to collect all the things I didn’t find first time. Handy chapter select that tells you how many you missed.

    Codblops4 is still just another CoD game. Entertaining enough.

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 is just silly. Like all those sorts of games, it’s strangely relaxing to mow down thousands of enemies.

    Judgment is turning out to be interesting and not just another Yakuza game. Except when it is.

    And from EA Play, I thought why not try Homoerotic Fighting Simulator 4. Sorry, UFC 4. It’s quite fun, but the fighters really do spend half their time in very dubious positions. Not helped by the word “pounding” coming up a fair bit too.

    Oh, and Splitgate. Definitely worth a look, for free. Takes a bit of getting used to how to best use the portals. You really do have to keep moving, and use them to get behind people and as a quick escape route. Or to protect the important teammate in the VIP and oddball modes. Good to see someone doing something different, even if it’s just by combining an arena shooter and Portal. At least it’s not another Battle Royale.

  2. Happy Birthday Dom ^^
    Been busy lately with work and gardening stuff. Also watching Indiana Jones film set in my local town ^^
    I have completed Doom Eternal Campaign with all collectibles on PS5 (free update version) on my 2nd playthrough today for the other trophy. I am looking for one player on Doom Multiplayer boosting if possible so I can nab that as my 700th Platinum :)

    Happy Gaming folks!

  3. I finished off Cyberpunk earlier in the week, the story was interesting and Keanu was as excellent as he always is, but the game was truly meh. Actually I’d go as far as to say it was a bad game dressed in a very tight, sexy, sparkly dress. I barely engaged with it, I hardly did any character upgrading, didn’t learn to craft, or modify weapons or clothes, never changed any of my hacking options (reboot eyes/camera was the only things I ever did), I used one gun and one knife throughout the second act, did only a couple of side missions, never bought a new vehicle or learnt any new stealth skills, never did any hand to hand combat and still found it very, very easy. If it weren’t for the story it would’ve been a truly boring experience, for me it’s a 3/10 at best and not worth the £30 Steam sale price. Ah well, back to Train Valley 2. Oh and happy birthday Dom!

  4. Happy birthday!
    I didn’t get chance to do much gaming, mainly a bit of Borderlands 3 for me.
    However, I did go to a 2 hour session yesterday at a place called the Arcade Warehouse – it was £8 to get in but all the machines were free to play when you got in. There was everything from Space Invaders to Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 2020 and a Star Wars pod racer in the arcade games, there was all the consoles and a load of gaming PCs set up to play LAN Fortnite, for example. There was even a pool table and a air pong table, they had a cafe and a bar. It was great and we’d definitely go back!

  5. Happy Birthday Dom!
    I played some Plague Tale Innocence – gorgeous looking game but after a couple of hours of the stealth/running away/child-minding i had enough of it.
    I also grabbed Control on sale and i’m enjoying it so far – weirdly when i purchased it i was prompted to download a load of Hitman content – initially thought it was dlc for Control but no – after downloading 70GB i now have a second PS Store app, this one dedicated to purchasing Hitman missions.
    And since i’ve renewed my PS+ i’ve been dipping back into Binding of Isaac.
    Other than that, mostly Dreams.

  6. Thanks all!

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