Ghost of Tsushima player stats revealed ahead of PS5 release

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Ghost of Tsushima celebrates its first anniversary today. Developer Sucker Punch have shared some interesting player stats ahead of the game’s Director’s Cut release on PS4 and PS5 next month.

The PlayStation studio – also known for their superb work on Sly Raccoon and inFamous – have been tracking our activities on Tsushima island for the past twelve months.

They revealed a number of surprising player stats for Ghost of Tsushima, with samurai spending 4,241 years on horseback. Players have also taken a staggering 61 million photos with 55.63 foxes being petted. A crucial statistic, indeed. See below for more.

Another interesting highlight shows that fans have played 40.76 million mission in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. This free co-op mode was added to the game shortly after release with a glut of content including duo story missions and a horde mode survival. Speaking of Legends, Sucker Punch are giving away DLC costumes based on various PlayStation icons.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will bring a number of enhancements for the PlayStation 5. The PS5 will now render cinematics in real time, meaning that cutscenes across both Ghost of Tsushima and on Iki Island can feature lip syncing for Japanese voice over. Additionally, all content in the Director’s Cut will be enhanced to take advantage of the DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, there will be 3D audio enhancements on PS5, improved loading time, 4K resolution options and a frame rate target of 60FPS.

The Director’s Cut will arrive alongside the all-new Iki Island expansion. We’re waiting to here more about this DLC, but our resident historian has speculated on how this new chapter in Jin’s story might play out.

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  1. “55.63 foxes being petted” ???

    If you see 0.63 of a fox, don’t touch it! Don’t touch a whole fox, really. And definitely don’t go anywhere near fox poo.

  2. Haven’t played this, and as the new owner of a PS5 I’m very much looking forward to it!

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