Dead Space remake confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series X|S & PC

Dead Space Remake

EA and Motive Studios have confirmed that a remake of the hit horror game Dead Space, the game coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


This is a ground-up remake of Dead Space, rebuilt in the latest Frostbite game engine and targeting the new generation of consoles. Motive promise this will mean “jaw-dropping visual fidelity and improvements to gameplay”, but note that they will remain true to the original game from 2008.

Here’s EA’s recap of the story:

Isaac Clarke is an everyman engineer on a mission to repair a vast, sprawling starship, the USG Ishimura, only to discover something has gone horribly wrong. The ship’s crew has been slaughtered and infected by some alien scourge…and Isaac’s beloved partner, Nicole, is lost somewhere on board.

Now Isaac is alone with only his tools and engineering skills as he attempts to uncover the nightmarish mystery of what happened aboard the Ishimura. Trapped with hostile creatures called “necromorphs”, Isaac faces a battle for survival, not only against the escalating terrors of the ship, but his own crumbling sanity.

Dead Space Remake Necromorphs

There had been a number of rumours and reports over the last few months. While EA stayed silent on the matter,  GamesBeat reported that the publisher’s decision to reboot the series was largely inspired by Capcom’s recent Resident Evil remakes. EA Motive will reportedly use the original 2008 Dead Space as their foundation, bringing the game into the modern era with refreshed visuals and new survival horror mechanics.

EA may have steered away from singleplayer games in recent years though they seem to be coming back on board following the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Sony’s power-selling slew of singleplayer first party titles is no doubt partly responsible.

Still, there’s been consistent calls from fans of the franchise for EA to return to it, even if the original developers at Visceral were shut down a few years ago. EA are just giving the fans what they’ve been demanding!

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  1. No PS4 version! Colour me unhappy. I refuse to buy a PS5 until its less than half the size of my living room. ie a PS5 slim.

    • I get the feeling that this game is a couple years off. We would probably see a PS5 Slim by 2023.

  2. I’m not allowed to swear when writing news but.. do not fuck this up EA.

  3. Imagine you were on the team that came up with Dead Space, pitched it, and made it. It’s a success. You make another. Another success. Lots of demands from EA such as to make the game co-op and include microtransactions compromises your creative vision. The third game struggles. The series is considered inviable. You’re assigned to other tasks before you and all of your co-workers are laid off.

    A few years later EA again makes your game, this time without you.

    • Also, most of that original team are currently working on a spiritual successor to Dead Space. I can’t help but feel cynical at the timing of this remake.

      • A spiritual successor, please give me more info if you have it.

      • The game is called The Callisto Protocol, directed by Glen Schofield who I’m sure you know created Dead Space.
        There’s not a great deal of info atm but from what has been shown it looks to be very similar to Dead Space indeed.

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