GRID Legends will bring a big story mode and mixed-class races in 2022

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Codemasters has announced GRID Legends, the first game to be announced with the company now a part of EA Sports. GRID Legends will release in 2022 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

There’s a new narrative focus to GRID Legends this time, just as Codemasters integrated a story mode into F1 2021. The story mode stars Ncuti Gatwa, who many of you will know from Netflix series Sex Education, with all of the story cinematics captured in XR, the same technique that was used for The Mandalorian, with actors playing their roles in front of a huge screen that renders the backdrop in real time.

It will be a classic underdog story, as you try to knock the all-dominant Ravenwest team off their perch – so far, so GRID.

The game will feature tons of different vehicles – over 100 of them – including touring cars, muscle cars, open wheel, drift cars, big rigs, stadium trucks, electric cars, hyper cars and more. For the first time you’ll be able to mix and match, with multiclass mixed racing, where big rigs can smash less vehicles out of the way. New game modes include Boost and Elimination.

New real-world locations will appear as well, including Moscow and the streets of London, and there’s real-life tracks including Brands Hatch and Indianapolic. In total there will be over 130 routes in the game. Returning from the last game are the AI driver personalities, that seek to create competitive and feisty racing.

Speaking of which, Codemasters revived the GRID franchise in 2019 with a game that sought to capture some of the spirit of the original hit PS3 and Xbox 360 game. Was it successful? Kind of. In our GRID review, Tom said:

“GRID is an enjoyable racing game for those who want to enjoy some close racing without worrying about camber angles. The market needs games like this to provide light and shade. I was hoping this new GRID would be a fresh start, but it’s last night’s takeaway re-heated. I enjoy leftovers – cold pizza is one of life’s great pleasures – but that doesn’t make the perfect racing game when the rest of the world has moved on.”

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  1. That takes the total to three top racing games for 2022 with Test Drive Solar Crown and GT7. There’s also the new Project Cars and Need for Speed games that are ‘coming soon’, probably next year at the earliest.

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