Lost Judgment’s new footage gives us look at Yagami’s detective toolkit

SEGA has released a brand new video for Lost Judgment that delves into the different tools and tricks that Yagami will use. Some will be new additions to the series while others will be familiar to those that played Judgment. The footage looks at things like the investigative actions Yagami will use such as going around in disguise, and scaling buildings to get answers. The chase function is here too where Yagami pursues persons of interest. Tailing suspects also makes a return.


Yagami will be infiltrating places as well where he will sneak past guards and pick locks. Search mode is also back where Yagami can survey the scene around him, and spot cats. He will also be using photography to capture the environment around him as well as capture scenes of interest that could help with solving cases. New gadgets will be added to including a nose amp so conversations can be eavesdropped on, a signal detector to find suspicious items. There is also the new detective dog that will assist Yagami by finding clues and assisting in fights. Of course, the beat em up fighting action is also back with more heat moves to use against groups of enemies. There is a new area called School Stories where Yagami goes undercover as a student adviser in which he will gain the trust of students to help solve a case. The school will have a boxing gym to engage in fights, a robotics club which seems to allow you to build robots to fight others, and a dance club. Yagami does seem to get in fights with students too. Outside of that, other activities will include street racing, skateboarding, and a lot of minigames.

Lost Judgment will be out for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One on 24th September with a simultaneous worldwide release.

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