Samurai Warriors 5 element skills and how they work

Samurai Warriors 5 Element Skills Guide

As a reboot, Samurai Warriors 5 has changed up a number of big features, though one that remains is the use of elements.

Elements were first introduced to the Warriors series almost 20 years ago with Dynasty Warriors 3. Developer Omega Force wanted an additional way of supercharging their improbable arsenal of weapons, imbuing them with elemental properties such as fire and wind.


This feature returns in Samurai Warriors 5. In this guide we’ll explain how elements work, how they work in combat, and how to attach them to your weapons.


How do elements work in Samurai Warriors 5?

This latest entry in the series features five core elements, each of them adding a special effect when you attack. Here’s a description of what they do:

  • Wind – cutting through enemy defences, wind attacks will bypass attempts to block
  • Lightning – bolts of lighting will occasionally rain down, damaging the area surrounding where an enemy is hit
  • Earth – seismic shakes will temporarily stun enemies while ramping up your damage output
  • Fire – enemies struck by a flaming attack will continue to take damage over time
  • Frost – enemies will be frozen for a short duration, stopping all movement and leaving them vulnerable to attack

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How do I unlock elements?

You may like the sound of enhancing your weapons with these four elements, but may be unsure how to unlock them. In Samurai Warriors 5, you will naturally collect weapons as you play missions, either looting them from officers and chests or receiving them as rewards during the stage end screen.

Make sure you inspect these weapons as they’ll typically come attached with one or more skills (up to a maximum of 8). You can see whether a weapon has an element equipped if one of its skills are Fire, Wind, Earth, or Frost, or Lightning. If so, there will also be a number next to this, denoting the skill level. The higher this level, the increased power of the element when it is activating during an attack.

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Thankfully, in Samurai Warriors 5 you don’t need to wait for the dice to roll in your favour. If you see an element or any other skill that takes your fancy, you can dismantle the weapon it’s attached to. This will give you a Skill Gem that can then be affixed to a weapon of your choice – as long as it has a free skill slot, of course. This is all done via the Blacksmith at the Castle. Once affixed, you can then spend Gold to increase the skill level.

Crafting and upgrading weapons is one of the most rewarding parts of playing Samurai Warriors 5. This time around there’s certainly a bigger gameplay focus on weapon classes and their movesets as opposed to focusing on unique playable characters.

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