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Dominate this Sengoku hack n’ slash sequel with our Samurai Warriors 5 tips guide. Out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, this is the first numbered instalment in the series for almost a decade. It’s clear that, in that time, Omega Force have thought a lot about their Sengoku sister to the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise.

Samurai Warriors 5 is effectively a reboot. Instead of spanning the entire Warring States period in Japanese history, it hones in on a handful of earlier sagas, centred around posterboys Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi.


Fundamentally, it remains fun hack n’ slash experience Warriors fans have come to know. If you’re picking up Samurai Warriors 5 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch, here are 10 essential tips to help you get started. Make sure you go and review our Samurai Warriors 5 review.

1 – Play both game modes

Samurai Warriors 5 has two main modes: Musou and Citadel. You also have the option to replay story missions in Free mode, though there’s little need to, unless you want to complete every side objective. The game encourages players to swap between Musou and Citadel. Both modes carry over progress and sync up quite well. However, we’d recommend focusing on Musou and clearing the first chapters of Nobunaga and Mitsuhide’s scenarios before diving too deep into Citadel. Certain progress unlocks will require you to story milestone first.

2 – Unlock every character

When playing through Musou mode in Samurai Warriors 5, complete every sub mission. Our tip is to blast through these as soon as they unlock. Not only will they give you another perspective on how the overarching story plays out, they will often add new playable characters to your roster.

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3 – Character progression

Character development relies on a number of collectibles. These include EXP and Gold, as well as Skill Points, Weapon Mastery, and Skill Points. Earning EXP will raise your overall level and allow you to purchase better skills from each character’s unique skill tree (using Skill Points). As you play, you’ll naturally unlock new ranks for your equipped weapons though this can be sped up by using Weapon Mastery points.

4 – Upgrade your Castle

The Castle is just as important when making progress. It includes a number of facilities that help give you a boost on the battlefield. At the Blacksmith you’ll craft and upgrade weapons, slotting skills (which quickly become very important). The Dojo allows you to train characters by spending communal EXP and Weapon Mastery points. Meanwhile, the Shop and Stables allow you to purchase items, resources, and mounts. Remember what we said before about focusing on Musou mode first? You won’t be able to upgrade your Castle until you’ve hit certain stages of the story. This could result in you sitting on loads of Gold and materials that can’t be spent, with heroes waiting to rank up!

We have a whole guide dedicated to upgrading your Castle here.

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5 – Farming EXP, Gold, and Skill Points

What’s the best way to farm EXP, Weapon Mastery, Gold, Skill Points, and more? Think about your loadout first. Play as officers who have skills that increase drop rates. At the Blacksmith, forge weapons that also have these skills to maximise your chance of scooping up plenty of loot. Doing short mission runs in Citadel mode will help you progress in no time. Here are the best character skills for farming:

  • Collector – enemies drop more skill gems when defeated
  • Wealth – enemies drop more gold when defeated
  • Luck – good things become more likely to happen
  • Wisdom – increases EXP earned by defeating enemies

6 – Get extra Gold using Ultimate Skills

Ultimate Skills are a new battle mechanic that can help you effortlessly earn Gold. These special attacks have one or more icons next to them in the menu, denoting which types of unit they’re particularly effective against. Defeat these units with an Ultimate Skill and they’ll drop small bags of Gold.

7 – Hunt for item boxes

Out on the battlefield you should keep an eye out for cube shaped chests as these are the only ones that contain items and weapons. Search for these in base camps and other fortifications.

8 – Manage your arsenal

Visit the Blacksmith and dismantle weapons often to earn money and skill gems in Samurai Warriors 5. You should also look to upgrade a weapon of each class, assigning skills that matches its playstyle.

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9 – Play with a partner

Many missions in Samurai Warriors 5 lets you select two characters. You can switch between them freely and assign them commands by pressing up on the D-pad (on console). It’s easy to forget this feature but it’s super useful, allowing you to cover more ground. Don’t forget that you can also play online. Having an extra human players will definitely help speed up mission run times.

10 – Understanding morale

How does morale work in Samurai Warriors 5? It’s always been a vague concept in the Warriors series though one that has been around forever. Morale is measured in the top right of the screen, represented as a bar split between red (the enemy) and blue (you). In essence, the better your morale, the closer you are to beating the other army.

The game colours the map red and blue to mark territory occupied by both armies. If you move into red areas then the enemies are more dangerous. In order to turn a red morale zone blue you need to complete objectives in that area, defeat officers, and defeat barracks captains.

Let’s finish with a bonus tip. If you’re new to the Samurai Warriors series, you may have missed that you can actually save your mission progress. If you need to step away from the game then you can select the Interim Save feature in the settings menu. When rebooting the game you can dive straight back in without needing to start a mission from the start!

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