Hood: Outlaws & Legends co-op Heist mode now live

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Sumo Digital have launched their new co-op State Heist mode for medieval multiplayer game, Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

The PvE focused mode is now live across as part of a free update available all platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

State Heist finally gives Hood players a way to experience its thieving gameplay alongside their friends in co-op, without the chance of being thwarted by an enemy team.

You and up to three allies (friends or randoms via matchmaking) will need to infiltrate one of the State-occupied maps. Much like the core competitive mode in Outlaws & Legends, matches are broken into stages. First you’ll need to grab a key from the Sheriff before using it to open a hidden vault and make off with the loot inside. Dumping the treasure chest at an extraction point, you can only cash in your stolen goods by winching them with a crane.

Those who have been playing Hood will be instantly familiar with the setup as well as the stealthy PvE gameplay that has your stalking and assassinating State troops. There are some key differences to note, however.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Co-op Heist

Hood recently introduced a new mountain region map, with more content to come in the near future.

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If one of your team falls, they won’t simply respawn on a timer. Instead, an ally will need to carry their talisman to a captured checkpoint to bring them back.

In lieu of enemy players, the number of State troops has been increased. The Sheriff also plays a much more threatening role in Hood: Outlaws & Legends PvE, barrelling towards players during the extraction phase of a round. In PvP, he can left alone for the most part though here players will need to actively confront him before he has a chance to pummel the winch.

Sumo have promised even more free content, including a fifth playable hero. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in the pipeline:

The Hood journey is just getting started! Since release, Focus and Sumo have been actively working on the game’s improvement by listening carefully to community feedback to offer the best heist experience possible. The game has already received a number of gameplay updates and tweaks, while players can look forward to even more free content over the course of this year. Season 1: Samhain is just around the corner, bringing a free, game-changing new outlaw, a full rework of the winch system, tons of cosmetics, events and much more.

We definitely enjoyed Hood: Outlaws & Legends though there wasn’t quite enough content too keep us hooked for long, the game scoring a 6/10 in our review.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

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