What We Played #509 – Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Ascent & Halo Infinite

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The working week has turned into the week that was, while the weekend is waiting in the wings to whisk us away to rest and relaxation. Whichever way things are going, it’s started raining now, so we definitely need to stay indoors and play some games. I’ve had a great week of gaming, splitting time between Microsoft Flight Simulator (with a cameo from Tef), Death’s Door for review, and Monster Hunter Stories 2, all of which of greatly enjoyed.

Tef was first this week, taking time out to tell me something I already knew: that he’s played Microsoft Flight Simulator with me on Xbox. I’m not the only one of the team to bask in our leader’s glow, as he’s also been playing T’ Ascent to help with Nick’s review, though sadly with Nick playing on Steam and him on Xbox, they couldn’t team up for shooty fun times. Finally, he’s announced that he has successfully played his first match of Halo Infinite, a fact that I’m not jealous of at all.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Nic B has been ploughing his way through Shadowverse, which is apparently a surprisingly long game. Review coming soon! He’s also been trying his hand at the new Witcher AR game, Monster Slayer, saying, “It’s a lot more skill-intensive than Pokémon Go, that’s for sure. Oh, and I obviously played Pokémon Go. Because obviously.”

Gareth has been playing Outriders mostly, but with some Beat Saber and Cotton: Reboot for review. Meanwhile, Ade is preparing for Assassin’s Creed: Siege of Paris by returning to gallivanting around Anglo-Saxon England as a Viking. “Valhalla’s combat is an utter mess compared to the precision battling of Ghosts of Tsushima, but there’s no denying the virtual world Ubisoft have crafted is absolutely gorgeous and a delight to explore. Other than that I played Fallen Knight for review – it’s not the best.”

The Ascent Review

Nick P has indeed been playing The Ascent for review, which you’ll have to go and read if you to find out what he thought! He continued, “Alongside that, I’ve been cleaning up in Fortnite, getting about six wins this week, and I’ve also been trying the Seven Deadly Sins content in Hitman 3, which I’ve been enjoying. Agent 47 looks great in his new red suit.”

Reuben’s also been on the Fortnite train, trying to get those last few levels out of the season pass; he’s at level 93 so pretty close to that now. Also, he’s been playing Fuga: Melodies of Steel and Dodgeball Academia, both of which have reviews due in next week. Oh and a little Persona 5 Royal, “because that game simply doesn’t end.”

Steve has played a variety of things. Firstly, he’s still tinkering with Monster Hunter Stories 2  and grinding for gear, and started Minecraft Dungeons with the kids, which resulted in also spending an hour playing Fusion Frenzy of all things whilst Minecraft was updating; “it hasn’t aged well”. He rinsed Ryse, “which is better than the feedback it got suggested but perils of being a launch title I guess”. He also played another act of Quantum Break but have to wait to watch the unlocked episode with his daughter. Alongside all of that he carried on getting his sweat on with Ragnarock “which is just my ideal game” and played through the interesting Unbound: Worlds Apart.

Tuffcub has played Fall Guys, “because there’s nothing to do in Destiny 2 for the month and I needed a replacement ‘turn your brain off’ game”. Finally, Aran has been playing more Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, saying, “it is getting tough, but I have an overpowered card in Eyck who helps demolish some enemies. I have also started Returnal. Early days yet, but like what I have played so far.”

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Got Doom Eternal PS5 version Platinum number 700 😎
    Won’t be gaming much as today is my Wife’s birthday so we are going out to celebrate. Tomorrow football is back on. So will look to play a new game sometime on Monday or Tuesday and see what will grab my attention price wise lol

  2. Same as last week, really.

    Except it’s cooled down a bit, so some VR fun. Gave Operencia a go in VR, and it works well. Once you turn off the option to move in the direction you’re looking. Makes things hard when you’ve got a puzzle that involves stepping on certain tiles. Apart from that, a solid VR version of a nice little dungeon crawling, turned-based RPG thing. Worth a look for a tenner.

    And then I noticed Layers of Fear 2 was in the sale for 4 quid. As weird as I was expecting, not really scary, apart from a few good jump scares, and so many classic films seem to have influenced it. Even just the titles for the various acts use that cheerful yellow font you instantly recognise from lots of things. And that carpet from The Shining is in there too.

    So just those 2 and everything from last week.

  3. Nearing 100 hours in Valhalla and still nowhere near 100%. Unfortunately, I’ve done all the fun stuff now, so I’m not sure how much longer I can be arsed with opening chests and chasing bad tattoo designs.

    I heard Watch Dogs has a free roam mode where you can drive around a dystopian London? Might get that next, just for this feature.

  4. I took advantage of the temp drop to connect my PSVR to PS5, finally got to experience NMS VR as it was intended! I had everything connected, my ext hdd with my VR games in one usb port, the camera+adapter in another usb port and the break-out box sync cable plugged into the 3rd available usb port. Started up the game and then realised i need to use a DS4 – but i need to sync one to my PS5 first… and now there are no usb ports free… :/
    Thankfully i was able to simply unplug the cam for a few moments to get that done and soon i was able to drink in the sights and sounds of a brand new adventure in NMS. And my word, what a significant upgrade over the PS4/Pro VR version!

    Then i tried a couple of VR games from my backlog. First up, Downward Spiral : Horus Station, looks like it might be interesting but the controls are abominable (on DS4 at least – i haven’t gotten around to syncing up the Moves yet) so after repeatedly becoming stuck between various furnishings i abandoned it.
    Then i played some Megaton Rainfall – the combat is a bit hit and miss and it’s not as sharp looking as i’d prefer but the sensation of flying from space to ground level is very pleasing and impressive – all the more so as it was made by one guy.

    Plus some dips into Counterspy and Dreams.

  5. This week I have been playing and failing Returnal. I have also been playing The Sinking City on PS5 by myself and going through Sherlock Crimes and Punishment this time with my wife. Yesterday I got a Nintendo Switch for myself and the children and we have been playing Luigi Mansion 3 and Lego Super Villians together.

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