16-bit icon Zool returns in Zool Redimensioned, out this month

Zool Redimensioned
Zool Redimensioned

Iconic 16-bit hero and ninja alien from the Nth dimension, Zool, is to return to gaming when Zool Redimensioned launches on Steam on August 18th.  The game is a remake of the Mega Drive version, which in turn was a port of the original Commodore Amiga game.

Rather than being coded by an indie team the remake has been created by young developers at the Sumo Digital Academy. They have been assisted by some of the team who coded the original 1992 game for Gremlin Graphics and they have coded their own engine to run the remake. Half of the money from sales of the game will be ploughed back in to the Sumo Digital Academy to help even more younglings get their coding wings.


Here are those ever so important key features!

  • Over 28 retro platforming challenges, all enhanced for the best possible experience
  • Choose between two main game modes: Redimensioned for a more accessible modern experience, or Ultimate Ninja to experience a true hardcore challenge
  • Trade blows with the dimension’s most dangerous creatures in seven completely redesigned boss fights
  • Discover new secrets, challenges, and extras across your adventure, with over 25 achievements to unlock
  • Enhanced quality-of-life options, including a level select screen, checkpoints, accessibility options and more
  • Play the original Mega Drive version for a truly authentic retro adventure

Zool was originally designed as an Amiga challenger to Sonic the Hedgehog and features large play areas which the ninja from the Nth dimension can zip about at breakneck speed, much like the blue hedgehog. It was also famous for being one the first video games to include blatant product placement with whole levels based around Chupa Chups sweets.

A sequel saw Zool joined by a female companion, Zooz, and their two-headed dog Zoon. Although it got reviews scores equal to it’s predecessor it was less successful and ended the Zool franchise.

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