Capcom reveals final Street Fighter 5 character, Luke

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Capcom has revealed the last character for Street Fighter 5 during their Summer Update 2021 event. Luke is an entirely new character, making his series debut later this year in November 2021. This will bring the total roster of playable character in Street Fighter 5 up to 45.


The blond-haired MMA fighter will mark an end to season five as Capcom start to focus on what comes next for Street Fighter. They note that Luke has a “bright future ahead of him” and “will help expand the world of Street Fighter and provide fans with a glimpse into the future.”

Street Fighter 5 – five years later

There’s still plenty of content on the way in the meantime. Later this month, on August 16th, new characters Oro and Akira will join the Street Fighter 5 roster.

Street Fighter 5 Luke Gameplay

How do you unlock these new fighters? Luke, Oro, and Akira can all be unlocked via the character pass or premium pass. They’ll also be available individually via online purchase or by spending your hard-earned Fighter Money, priced at 100,000 FM each. A new stage “Rival Riverside” is also coming in August – expect to pay 70,000 FM to add this to your collection. Here are the official bios for SF5’s two latest combatants:

Street Fighter 5 Oro Gameplay


After a long journey away, Oro the wandering hermit from the Street Fighter III series is returning in Street Fighter V ready to share his wit and wisdom with anyone who’s interested. Wearing a modest purple robe and brown rope belt, Oro swaps his pet turtle between his right and left hands as a way to challenge himself and maintain a balanced fighting style. Oro retains many of his original moves and adds a handful of new ones for Street Fighter V, making him an immensely powerful fighter for players to master.

Street Fighter 5 Akira Gameplay


Making her highly-anticipated Street Fighter debut, Akira Kazama began her fighting game career in the Rival Schools series, which began in 1997. In Street Fighter V, Akira dons her trademark black biker gear and prides herself on being the strong, silent type. That said, her playstyle speaks volumes when she’s at close range, but she’s also equipped with some long-distance moves that will leave her opponents thinking twice about straying too far. With plenty of new tricks up her biker gloves, Akira has been studying up and will be ready to school anyone who crosses her path.

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