First Mario Golf: Super Rush content update adds New Donk City & Ranked Matches

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The first content update for Mario Golf: Super Rush is out today, adding a new course, new playable character and new game modes to the newly released Nintendo Switch game.


The new course was teased prior to release, with Mario Golf: Super Rush taking us to New Donk City, one of the kingdoms found in Super Mario Odyssey. Alongside that, Toadette will be the first free DLC character.

Mario Golf Super Rush Ranked

Ranked matches will spice up the online multiplayer action, with how well you do determining the points you earn. You will have an individual ranking for both Standard Golf and Speed Golf modes, as well as both button controlled and motion controlled versions of each. Ranked play will reset each month, so everyone will have a level playing field for chasing after an A rank. That’s important because the announcement confirms that you’ll be able to unlock coloured Yoshi skins by hitting rank A-. That said, it’s not clear if you can lose points from a bad performance and lose rankings.

Mario Golf Super Rush Yoshi Skins

Nintendo has also refined the game’s motion controls, and might have made some other tweaks and fixes along the way. We’ll add the patch notes to this page once they’re released.

Mario Golf: Super Rush released right at the end of June, the first game in the sports series since the 2014 release of Mario Golf: World Tour on Nintendo 3DS. We had some fun playing it, even if its weaknesses we clear to see. Head over to our Mario Golf: Super Rush review, where I said:

“It’s great to see Mario Golf: Speed Rush reviving another Mario sports franchise for Nintendo Switch, but it’s a game that feels that restrained in some places and muddled in others. The Adventure mode loses its focus half way through, and it lacks course variety, but underneath it all, this is still a fun, accessible and often frantic golf game that is easy to enjoy.”

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