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Train Life, the first game in NACON’s Life series, has a release date. The upcoming train simulator will begin boarding as it enter Steam early access at the end of the month on August 31st.


Developed by Simteract, Train Life will allow players to take control of a locomotive in first person while also managing a railway empire. The fledgling Polish studio is also hard at work on Neverdark, a post-apocalyptic RTS set during a global blackout.

Train Life will receive a steady stream of content and features during its pre-release phase on Steam early access. The developers are striving for a true-to-life simulation, having paid special attention to the modelling of those trains available in-game. Here’s what you can expect when Train Life launches:

Take the controls of your train…

…and travel across Europe with passengers and merchandise. In the Early Access version, drive through Germany, riding in the cab of several different locomotives. Each of these locomotives has its unique characteristics (power, braking, etc.) that you need to fully master to be as effective as possible. Take your passengers through astonishingly beautiful lands, including both town and country, forest and mountains.

Show your entrepreneurial spirit

You not only have to drive the trains, but you also have to grow your company by optimizing your Passenger and Freight activities. Choose a name, a logo, purchase locomotives, and hire drivers, giving them new contracts and exploring new tracks. You must also maintain your locomotives to prevent breakdowns and handle emergency repairs. You are free to accept or refuse contracts: make the right choices, earn money and develop your company!

A realistic and authentic simulation

Train Life involves demanding gameplay based on real-world behavior. You have to respect the rail signals and driving instructions, adapt for rail switches, and manage speed. Make sure you keep an eye on braking distance when you pull into the station and open and close the doors for your passengers. There are also unforeseen situations to manage, such as fallen trees, stalled cars, and trains rolling on your track.

The dynamic weather and day/night cycle mean you have to adapt the way you drive to avoid accidents and damage to the tracks.

As previously mentioned, this is the first game in NACON’s Life series. The publisher have five titles in the pipeline, all looking to gamify various pursuits. These include:

  • Chef Life– A Restaurant Simulator (Cyanide Studios)
  • Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator (RingZero Game Studios)
  • Surgeon Life – A Hospital Simulator (RingZero Game Studios)
  • Architect Life – A Building Simulator (SimFabric)

Last month, NACON shared more details on its upcoming line-up of video games, including LOTR: Gollum and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

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