Hunter’s Arena Legends update 1.04 nerfs Momo, improves framerate

Hunter's Arena: Legends PS5 update

Mantisco have rolled out a new update for Hunter’s Arena: Legends, this month’s headline PlayStation Plus title.


Available now on PS5, PS4, and PC, update 1.04 optimises the game across all platforms with a welcome framerate boost. However, the Korean developer confirmed that ray-tracing has temporarily been disabled as they look to improve this features.

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As with any online game with a competitive element, Hunter’s Arena will be subject to myriad balance patches in its lifetime. In update 1.04, Mantisco have already nerfed some heroes while buffing others.

Thankfully, the first Legend in the firing line was Momo. The fan-wielding hunter quickly became a favourite due to her high damage potential and long ranged attacks.

Hunter’s Arena Legends Update 1.04 Patch Notes


1. Stabilization

– Fatal error and Crashing issues have been fixed.
– Server stabilization for smoother gameplay.

2. Optimization

– Frame drop issues have been optimized on both PC and PlayStation. Overall frame rates increased.
– Ray-Tracing feature temporarily down for better optimization. It will be back up in a timely manner.

3. Balance Adjustments

We listened to your feedback and suggestions and made balance adjustments on the Hunters.
We made sure each Hunter didn’t lose it’s unique trait and narrowed the balance gap.
Overall balance has been adjusted and will allow for more dynamic combat.
Your suggestions are an enormous help to our team so please provide them through our Discord channel.


– Basic attack damage, HP stats have decreased.
– Basic attack’s projectile speed has decreased.
– Delay after last Basic attack has increased.
– Delay after using “Crushing Ice” has increased.
– Guarding against Momo’s attacks consumes less stamina.


– “Wicked Release” projectile speed has decreased.
– After “Villaness’ Return”, Dalgi revives with less HP.

Wu Kong

– Increased delay for using Quickstep
– Delay after using “Heavenly Figure” has increased.


– “Earthquake” activates faster.
– Delay after “Earthquake” has decreased to allow faster action after the skill.


– Invincibilty duration has increased after Quickstep
– Super Armor activates now after landing “Death Embrace”


– Delay after “Exploding Rage” (Passive) has decreased to allow faster action after the passive skill.
– “Crushing Blow” hit range has increased.


– “Shadow Clone” activates faster.
– Not being able to activate “Mark of Shadow” additional press has been fixed.


– “Inferno” skill range has increased.
– Delay after “Incinerate” (Passive) has decreased.
– Activates Super Armor when using “Meteor Dash”


– “Elemental Wave” projectile speed has increased.


– Delay after “Thunder Grasp” has decreased to allow faster action after the skill
– Delay after retrieving shield from using “Shredder” has decreased.
– Other skills can be used while using “Force Barrier”.


– Skill damage has increased.
– “Valiant Charge” skill damage has increased.

4. System

– Gameplay – Adjust Camera Sensitivity – Camera sensitivity has been optimized and allows for increased sensitivity. (Higer for faster camera movement and lower for slower camera movement)
– L2, R2 button’s sensitivity has increased.
– PS5 Activities feature is added

5. Bug Fix

– Changes made on Settings not being put in effect has been fixed.
– Characters with “Frozen” debuff being able to move has been fixed.
– Legendary tier item’s attack damage and stats have been fixed..
– UI not showing up properly has been fixed.
– Other minor bugs have been fixed for optimal gameplay.

If you want to find out more about Hunter’s Arena: Legends on PlayStation, we’ll have some first impressions coming very soon.

Source: Steam

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