What We Played #510 – GRIME, Black Book & Hunter’s Arena: Legends

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As we come to the end of another working week, it’s our regular check in to see what we’ve all been playing over the past seven days.

My personal gaming started with a boatload of Halo Infinite over last weekend’s technical preview, and had a lot of good things to say! I also carried on with a little more of The Ascent, which has a really great style to its action RPG shooting, and plan to get stuck in with Back 4 Blood’s beta this weekend.

Mr. Nick Petrasiti was the first to reply, regaling us with the fact that he’s caught up with the Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins content, and had “a blinder” in Fortnite to get five wins in a single play session. Crikey!

Black Book Review

The other Nic – the one without a ‘k’ – has been playing Black Book for a review, calling it “an intriguing little indie about Russian folklore set in the 19th century.” That’s been joined by Shadowverse, and yet more Pokémon Go, though he’s now set to join the global boycott over Niantic’s decision to reduce the interaction distance to pre-pandemic levels.

Aran’s spent his week with Thonebreaker: The Witcher Tales, enjoying the story and the varied battles in the deckbuilding spin-off. He’s also started Eldest Souls for review, and continued his managerial journey through the lower tiers of Football Manager’s League 2, having been sacked by Ebbsfleet and exacting his revenge by poaching his star striker for new team Chester.

Building up a bit of a sweat with Synth Riders in VR this week, Gamoc has also been playing Winds and Leaves for review, and the kicking back with some Outriders and a “good amount” of Ghost of Tsushima, grabbing the platinum in the process!

Steve has been bouncing back and forth between different platforms, going through puzzle platformer Unbound and the “awesome Metroidvania’ of Grime. He sprinted through Omno before his Xbox One X threw a wobbly with a broken “retimer chip”, though that’s thankfully being fixed and returned. There was also Legends of Eternal on PS4, and some time planning what he’s going to play on Switch over the weekend.

Miguel’s been playing Apex Legends, Disgaea 6, NEO The World Ends With You and a bunch of Fuga: Melodies of Steel, which contrasts with Ade’s singular journey through Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, galavanting around England on a giant wolf.

Hunter's Arena: Legends Boss

And last but not least for this week, Jim’s been tucking into a bunch of multiplayer games. For its first birthday, he’s found Fall Guys to be a more challenging and skill-based game now that it’s not as chaotic and filled with newbs. He’s been juggling Splitgate and the PS Plus game Hunter’s Arena: Legends as well. The former is full of “slick arcade shooting with a clever Portal twist”, while the latter is “a strange beast”, though one he’s enjoying.

Now then, over to you. What have you been playing this past week?

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  1. Finished off Doom Eternal and the DLC finally. Still looks lovely on the PS5, and the DLC is a lot harder. Only issue is the final boss in the DLC completely misses the point of the game. Unloading all your weapons into it’s face while dodgy anything it throws at you should be how it works. But it doesn’t, and that would heal it continually. Plus it’s got 5 stages instead of the traditional 3. When has a boss ever had more than 3 stages??

    Still a fun game though, and after an hour or so I killed it. Can’t be arsed with all those collectibles though.

    And then, because it was the first Tuesday of the month, lots of new things from PS+/Now…

    Hunter’s Arena is fun, but the controls are a bit odd. Who thought L2 was a sensible place for running? And made it a toggle? And added a silly amount of resistance to it with the fancy DualSense triggers?

    And that tennis game with PS+ is just shit.

    And from PS Now, I gave Undertale a go. It was only a little download, so it’s got that in it’s favour, I guess.

    And Ghostrunner. Which seemed fun. But hard. Seems to mostly be string a series of actions together until you die, then repeat until you get a little bit further, and keep going until you get to a checkpoint.

    Oh, and because it was on sale and someone recommended it, Generation Zero. Which is a lot better than some of the reviews said. Not without it’s flaws. Fell in the sea at one point, which respawned me in the roof of a house. So I couldn’t move. Or fast travel to safety because I was in combat. Or die because the robots couldn’t shoot me because the roof seems to be bullet proof.

    But overall, it’s pretty decent fun. Looks quite nice at times. The robot AI seems quite intelligent at times. And the bikes are rubbish and mostly slower than walking. A big, lonely open world with the odd robot attack. More fun with friends, but enjoyable solo. I’d recommend it for £12 or so in the sale.

    Oh, and not much Splitgate this week, because the servers were struggling with it’s popularity and then probably improved while I was distracted with other things.

  2. I’ve been hammering away at the 2019 version of Grid. After a slow and very dull start it’s beginning to pick up, although I’m still mostly diving past traffic in lap 1 and spending laps 2-3 improving my lines, hopefully the stupid AI at least goes a bit faster later in the game.

    I’m also still playing Train Valley 2, which has now become one of my favourite games ever. The puzzles involve planning, timing and observation, but not to the same panicky degree as Tetris or Lumines, it’s a good mix of tactical and serene and also weirdly fun to repeat a level just to get a smooth run and better time. I’d totally recommend it to everyone.

  3. Not played anything for a few weeks so was amazed when I fired up the PS4 and it didn’t need an update!

    Started Star Wars Squadrons, but it hasn’t clicked yet. I used to play the hell out of Tie Fighter back in the late 90s but for some reason in squadrons I just seem to end up spinning round and hitting bugger all, particularly in the x-wing.

  4. I was working overtime this week so not much time for gaming, just some dips into Resogun, CounterSpy etc

    But that tennis game free on plus – wow. The very first thing it teaches you before allowing you access to any part of the game is how to purchase ‘card packs’ from the store. Interestingly, there is no actual gameplay tutorial presented to you when you start a career – although they do make sure you know how to use those cards you just purchased. What a facking liberty!

  5. I secured the platinum in Borderlands 3 and have been working on the DLC for the 100%. I’ve completed the season pass 1 content trophies and I’m now working on the Directors Cut trophies… or is it the Designers Cut? It’s the one that isn’t the sort of Battle Royale as I’m leaving that till last but I’m expecting to have 100% of the trophies by next week, regardless. I’m not sure what I’ll play after that, tbh.
    In non gaming events, I’m an Aston Villa fan, so…. yeah, it’s been a nail biting week. Can’t wait for the inevitable return to the Championship – is it too early to call it? 🤪

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