Transformers Online appears to get renamed to Transformers: Rise

Transformers Online, the still not quite officially announced game being developed by Certain Affinity seems to have a new name, Transformers: Rise.

In 2019 leaks suggested that Certain Affinity were working on a new third or first person shooter called Transformers Online. The game was officially announced by Leyou at the Chinajoy 2019 convention. Well, we thought it was, they specifically stated that Certain Affinity was working on the the game which is for consoles and PC, but since then everyone has denied the game exists, including Certain Affinity.


The game looks to be based on Generation 1 as the press document included in the 2019 Chinajoy 2019 briefing included the following:

The TRANSFORMERS property, including associated logos, copyrights, and characters and their respective likenesses (as portrayed in products sold during the period beginning 1984 and ending 1995 sometimes referred to as “TRANSFORMERS GENERATION I” and which may also include iconography and various stylized iterations of the same created such as TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS launched in 2010 and relaunched in 2012.

More recently Aaron Hamilton Cook, a Senior Producer at Certain Affinity, spoke to the Game Dev with a Shot of Jameson podcast and listed in his credits was the title “Transformers: Rise”. The text was there just an hour ago, I checked, but since then it has been removed. Thankfully we have Google Cache

Google Cache: You can never really delete stuff on the internet

The name change has almost certainly been ordered to link the game to the next Transformers movie with is out in 2022. That film is titled Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and features the Beast Wars characters. These have recently appeared in the final Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom series on Netflix. 

Transformers Rise of the Beasts

Transformers Rise of the Beasts

If the new game, which is rumoured to be a AAA shooter, does get it announced I would bet it would launch sometime near the new movie.

Source: Google Cache via TFW2005

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