Evil Genius 2 is coming to PlayStation and Xbox later this year

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Supervillain lair builder Evil Genius 2 will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q4 2021, Rebellion has announced. Oh, and Xbox owners will be glad to hear that it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.


When it released for PC on 30th March, Evil Genius 2 revived the classic lair builder some fifteen years after the release of the original game. The game casts you as a genius villain carving out a secret base behind the front of a remote tropical casino, building up your infrastructure to support more and more schemes on the world stage and eventually create a doomsday weapon with which to dominate the world.

That’s all well and good, but you’ll also have to deal with the endless snooping around of agents from various do-gooder spy organisations. You can stop their incursions into your base by placing tons of wild and wacky traps, train up your guards to be tougher and have beefier armaments, or even get stuck in yourself.

There’s four evil geniuses to choose from each with different specialties. Maximillian is your all-rounder, and the main villain that returns from the original game. Meanwhile, Ivan is the bombastic ex-Soviet with a rocket launcher, Emma is the sneaky and deceptive jilted spymaster, while Zalika is the real genius amongst them with a focus on the scientific.

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We rather enjoyed the game in our Evil Genius 2 review, saying:

“Evil Genius 2 is a worthy return to the world stage for the classic lair builder formula. While there’s certain areas that could be improved in the presentation or the game balance, building up your 60s spy villain lair and defeating the seemingly endless string of agents trying to foil your plans is immensely satisfying and engaging.”

Keep an eye out for a more precise release date announcement soon.

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